Fight Gone Bad

Today’s CF workout was Fight Gone Bad. This is one of my favorites. The workout is explained below. I copied the description from

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump, 20″ box (Reps)
Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

I’ve done this workout this workout twice before. In October I scored 188 points. In November I scored 218. Today I got 286. So I’ve showed a good rate of improvement so far. Lets hope that it continues. Next time I do this workout I’ll try to wear a heart rate monitor. I’d be interested in seeing its affect on my heart rate.

So yesterday’s post about the conversion chart has attracted some excellent feedback. Please give me some time to compile the information and post it. From a quick glance through some of the feedback I have read some great comments from MarcH, Steve Neal, and cycling power God Andrew Coggan. Hopefully I can respond with a report tomorrow depending on how bad my hangover is.

Happy New Year!!!


Conversion Chart

I’ve made an attempt at creating a conversion chart to figure out the CFE workouts in wattage. I laid the Borg 10-point chart vs. the Borg 15-point vs. the Coggan Power Levels. Take a look. You will notice that size of the increasing increments in the Borg 15 point chart change compared to the others. The 10-point chart relates to the 15-point chart by description of the effort. The 15-point chart compares to the Coggan Power levels by percentage of effort. CFE seems to make a RPE 20 equal to a TT effort, so 100% per effort on the 15-point chart or threshold on the Coggan Power Levels. Coggan Power levels exceed both RPE charts but the comparison can be made to the CFE workouts by the duration of the intervals prescribed. So if 4 min intervals are prescribed that would be a VOMax effort versus a 30 sec interval being anaerobic. Take a look. I’ve also added the links of the charts that I used to compile the information. Please send any comments or questions.


UPDATE: Below is the link to the follow up…Conversion Chart II


This morning was not as pleasant as I would have liked it. I woke up at 8am despite going to bed at 130am. I wanted to sleep longer but it just didnt work out. I was a little off. I enjoyed an amazing assortment of beers last night. My brain reminded me of that this morning. We had Ichor, Tripel Karmeliet, Gulden Draak, and Amadeus. Oh man they were so good. I wish I more leftover to have for breakfast. If you’re into great beers, get these and you’ll love yourself for it.

My bike was covered with crap from Sat and Sunday’s wet rides. So I cleaned it outside in the cold. That woke me up momentarily. But once I finished, I crawled back into the bed to sleep. Once I realized that my body wasnt going to let me sleep I knew that I had to get my ass on the bike immediately or else it may not happen today.

Per Crossfit Endurance I had to do 30 mins at a RPE of 12. I’m still trying to workout exactly what this means in watts so I interpreted it to mean 30mins at low tempo. There is an option to exceed RPE 12 during the latter half of the workout if you are going well. I am still trying to figure out a reliable comparison of the CFE’s RPE scale to Coggan’s Power scale. I will share it when I get around to figuring it all out.

So I did 30 mins at an average of 269 normalized, 156 bpm, 88 rpm. My tempo zone is currently from 264-315 watts. I basically was just trying to make sure not to go below 264 watts. The gridline in the graph is at 261 watts. I felt fine and the time went by relatively quickly being that I was on the trainer. The workout seemed fairly strict in that you should stay around RPE 12, so I didnt want to go to hard. Who knows what workout will pop up tomorrow. There is one short dip in my power. I had to grab my mouse to click on Pandora’s “I’m still listening” button. I had no interest in doing the last 10mins of the interval in silence. You’ll see in the graph that I turned it up just a tad from min 48 through the end of the effort. I finished the last minute at 372 watts, well into my threshold zone but that should be fine.


Endurance ride…my ass

Well this morning we had a team ride. Good showing this morning. Bill, Brian, Chris, Kimani, Stoffel, Sean and Danny, oh and me. You probably figured that out already. That reminds me of a quote by Ghostface on one of his albums. “Smart Dumb People” You know, dumb people that think that they are smart. Well if you have heard the album you would find that funny.

So off we went. To make a long story short we didnt do much endurance riding. I’m impressed as the team is looking mighty strong this year. Coach Greg has been serving up some economy sized cans of Whup Ass on the team. In addition it seems that Santa gave some people new legs for Christmas. I felt good today and tried some efforts here and there. I even tried to be a climber on the hill back from Rockland lake. 🙂

Those efforts all caught up with me on the ride back home. On the climb after the State line hill there was a separation in the group. I decided that I was gonna attempt to drag myself, Kimani, Chris and Bill back to the group. Check out the file below. So I was tinkering on at upper 300s. Then I went to the front. I figured okay I’ll sit in at 500 watts or so until we catch them. My legs said,”500 watts, who? We quit, we’re not taking this anymore.” I averaged 521 watts for a minute and then my legs exploded. I fell into a deep hole at 3:27:25. Bill was OTB and then Chris and Kimani bridged across effortlessly. Looking at the graph I visualize myself walking across undulating terrain and then tumbling down a cliff. My heartrate was fine but my legs had enough.


So I blow up myself and my teammate Bill and my reward was a solo chase in 20mph wind. Sorry Bill. I was destined to bridge across to the group. I almost caught them too. I was within 50 meters at one point but I just couldnt close the gap. Little did I know that there was a war going on in the front group with Stoffel and Sean putting the hurt on everyone. Later Bill bridged up to me and then superman Gabele came across. We worked together for a little while and soon realized that our chase was fruitless. The group was now out of sight. That ride back hurt nicely. I spent 30 mins at 321 watts on the trip back from state line. This would be tough typically but I was already 3 hours and 20 mins into my ride.

In the end I averaged 266 normalized for 3:35 at 140 bpm included my junk miles on the way to and from the bridge. I’ve been ravenous since I got home. I got in at 1pm. Since then I had an 18oz MetRx shake, a large bowl of stew, 2 burgers, a turkey and cheese sandwich, an egg sandwich with 2 hard boiled eggs and a bowl of grits. Its only been 5 hours and I’m still fuckin starving!!! My body is eating itself. My body temperature is very hot. I hope that this wont be a sleepless night where I’m waking up to eat.

What the hell is a hip girdle???

Well this post is a day late. Yesterday, I went out for a ride with my teammate Chris. It was purely a recovery ride. We went to Bunberry in Piermont and back. We froze our asses off. 30 mins into our 2 hour ride and my fingers were completely frozen. The weather forecast was for upper 40s. That was a damn lie. F U The further north we went the temperature got cooler. Plus it was like 200% humidity. You couldnt see 40 meters ahead of you. We were soaked from riding through clouds all day. When I got home Chris sent me an email. I was pretty jealous…thinking how the hell can his fingers work enough to type an email. It took me 10mins to get my keys out of my jersey pockets and open my door and this bastard is typing emails? I didnt regain feeling in my right pinky until 1130 that night.

Why a recovery ride? because I was so damn sore. I was self conscious when I was walking in public. Next time I will develop a nice suave pimp walk to disguise my discomfort. This is due to the back squats that I had to do on Xmas Eve. Do you know what it feels like to have sore hips? Most people can’t say that they do. Well I guess most men cant. I would guess that women might have experienced such a thing. Though I’m almost certain that their are some anatomical restrictions that would keep a man from experiencing that. Before you porn enthusiasts start thinking perverted thoughts I was referring to delivering a baby. Anyway…

Back squats as we were instructed to do them require a very wide stance. The exercise targets more hip, glute and lower back. The quads play a much lesser role than the way I have done squats in the past. To explain the soreness…picture wearing tighty whiteys. Think of everything that they cover being sore. Not something most people have experienced. They call this area the hip girdle. Its all the connective tissue that anchor your legs to your torso. These muscles were so weak that when I walked it felt like my legs were going to just push up through my hips into my stomach. I mean, I was frikkin sore. Just picture trying to get on and off a toilet with a sore hip girdle…

Class dismissed. Words of the day, Hip Girdle.

Christmas Eve Back Squats

Thank you Crossfit. Today’s gift was Back Squats. 5 sets of 5 reps.

I felt decent today despite yesterday’s workout. Dont get me wrong, I was still sore. I just expected my body to be broken. Mentally I was a little tired though. Last night I woke up at 5am to eat. I was starving. Anyone else out their wake up in the middle of the night to eat? I eat ridiculous amounts of food and Im always hungry. After my workout yesterday evening I had General Tsao’s and rice until I was stuffed. Then for good measure before bed I had a plate of pancakes and milk. I can only put so much food in my stomach. At 5am I woke up burning hot with a headache. This is how I wake up in the middle of the night when I’m hungry. My body was eating itself again. Usually I wake up at around 3am. I guess I should be happy about offsetting the time by 2 hours. The only thing is that when this happens during the summer months I have trouble going back to bed because the sun is up.

Since I was up I delivered my Christmas present to my nighttime doorman. I came back upstairs and finished off the left over General Tsao’s and went back to bed. 9am hit and I woke up starving again. Frustrated, I slept through it for another 45 mins before waking up for good.

I hit the Manhattan Black Box at 1230 for the class with Court. Honestly Court has got to be the most amazing trainer I’ve ever encountered. Check him out at He’s the off the bike version of Greg Choat our team coach. You can check him out at They are both extremely knowledgeable and love to teach and help their pupils learn.

So today my training partner was Fish, who was visiting from a Crossfit affiliate in LA. We ended up doing 2 sets at 135, 1 set at 155, and 2 sets at 175. The last 2 sets were tough as the fatigue was setting in. I enjoyed another great workout then ran to the train to go and visit the fam for the holiday. Merry Xmas!

Damn Eva…

I was a little tired today. Last nights tempo workout turned my body into a raging furnace. I woke up at 3am last night starving. I raided the kitchen and scarfed down 2 granola bars and tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately I couldnt fall back asleep for another hour or so.

Today’s Crossfit workout is called Eva. When I saw that experienced Crossfitters feared this workout, I knew it must be something crazy. I read the workout and my thought was damn that sucks. Fortunately I workout in the evening so I had the whole day to mentally prepare. The workout prescribed is 5 rounds of an 800m run followed by 30 swings with a 70lb kettlebell, then 30 pullups. Damn dude. On a good day I can just get 10 pullups straight through. Now they’re asking for 30 pullups times 5. Scaling? Is that you calling my name? Yes, scaling I would love your assistance. See Scaling is this angel that allows you to modify the workout to allow you to walk right up to the entrance of the morgue and peek inside instead of being wheeled into the morgue and never coming back out. I did 5 rounds of suicide drills (just like basketball) followed by 30 swings with a 55lb kettlebell then 15 pullups. I finished in 24:24. Wow what a workout. I finished an hour and a half ago and my mind is still in shock. I’m half way delirious. The runs weren’t too bad but the part that made it tough was that they require a lot of start and stopping instead of the steady effort that an 800m run requires. The kettlebell swings were tough but doable. The pullups (my weakness) were tough. I started doing them 3 at a time and quickly fell into reps of 1 or 2 at a time. I already feel it in my hands, forearms, back and quads. Lets see how I feel tomorrow. I know that I’m gonna sleep like a drunk baby tonight plus rain is in the forecast and I dont have to wake up for work tomorrow. I’m off until Jan 5th. So I’ll have time to Train Hard, Eat Hard, and Sleep Hard!!!