Welcome to my new blog. I’ve begun this blog to track my experiences through an experiment that I’m conducting. I’ve made a decision to invest my season in a different, atypical method of training for an endurance athlete. I’m doing Crossfit. My teammate Kimani recommended that I start a blog to publish my experiences. So here it is. I’m a little behind schedule so I will try my best to recap some of my memorable workouts since beginning Crossfit. I’m beginning the blog now because I am just beginning to start my on the bike training. Wish me luck.

I took my 1st Crossfit beginner class on 9/7. All it took was that one class and I was hooked. Our workout was 11mins total with 9mins of work. 3 rounds of 3 min efforts. 1 min of max rep pullups, 1 min of max rep kettlebell high pulls, and 1 min of max rep burpees with 1 min of rest. We did that circuit 3 times. I was fried. It took me a week to recover and then I went to another Beginner class the following week. I can’t remember what we did on 9/14 when I went again but the pain was really similar. I left the class so fuct up that I could barely ride my bike home.

I took the Elements Classes from 9/30 through 10/24. Basically exercise instruction with workouts mixed in. I did that twice a week during that time period.

My 1st class after graduating from Elements was on 10/27…pure hell. 50 back squats with 135 lbs followed by 10 laps of Waiter’s Walks (holding a 30lb dumbell in each hand with your arms extended straight above your head. Waiter’s Walk destroy your core. The stability required to do them is insane. I finished this workout in 29:30. My shoulders were shot for a week and a half. It definitely ranked as one of the hardest workouts that I’ve ever done.

I was so beat up that I didnt make it back to Crossfit until 11/3. That day we did a workout called Michael. An 800m run followed by 50 Good Mornings (like a deadlift but you put the bar across your shoulders behind your neck) and then 50 situps then repeat the circuit 3 times. I finished this workout in 20:37. My hamstrings were blown. I went out for a ride with my teammates and was struggling to keep up. The day after our ride was the NYC Marathon. We had to ride as escorts for the wheelchair race. I cant explain how much it hurt trying to hold speed.

On 11/8 I was back at it. This time the workout didnt have a name. In the meantime, I’ll call it “Pain”. 4 rounds of a 400m run followed by 50 squats. I finished in 12:23.

That was my last workout for the week. I did some travelling for work so no Crossfit for me. I returned in time for a team ride. After a full recovery, man was I strong. I felt better than ever on a long ride. I felt good on the climbs. I was sprinting strongly as well. Somethings working.

Monday 11/17 todays workout…Helen. 3 rounds of a 400m run followed by 21 kettlebell swings (55lbs) then 12 pullups. This was brutal. Finishing time 11:13. Pullups are definitely my limiter. I was holding on to the best time with a sizeable lead until the last round of pullups. Then one of my classmates, Paul killed me. He banged out the 12 pullups straight. I was down to doing the pullups one at a time. I was so spent.

Saturday 11/22 I cant remember why I did Crossfit on a weekend instead of riding my bike. I was probably either hungover or the weather was bad. Today’s workout was 7 sets of 1 rep max weight Clean and Jerk. Time to put on my Olympic lifters hat. This was my 1st time doing a workout like this. C and Js are cool. They require lots of practice and great coordination. Its cool being able to lift the equivalent of a person above your head. I finished with a max of 145 lbs. I need lots of work here.

Wednesday 11/26 Oh boy…today’s workout…Joshua…5 rounds of a 400m run then 30 situps and then 15 deadlifts with 145 lbs. Finishing time 17:54. I destroyed it. The next fastest time in my class today was after 30mins. I do well with the workouts that include running. The other workouts…I need lots of work in.

Thursday 12/4 This one was quick. 5 rounds of walking lunges with a 50lb kettlebell followed by 15 swings with the same kettlebell. I finished in 4:35. In less than 5 mins I managed to provide myself with soreness that would last for a week. My glutes felt like they ripped off my ass bone.

Monday 12/8 Clean and Jerks again. 7 sets of max weight for 1 rep. This time I got a new PR by 20 lbs, 165 lbs. Thats the bodyweight of an average man. Knuckleheads, please leave me alone in a bar from now on. I cant imagine the rush of picking someone up WWF style and slamming them on the floor. I’m really a nice guy. I promise.

That brings us to today. I decided to take a break from Crossfit to be fresh for my power test on Saturday morning. Here comes the pain…


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