Test Day !!!

Alright bitches, its Test Day. I woke up today at 9am. Scarfed down a bowl of cereal and watched tv. Man it was like a race day. I spent 3 sessions on the bowl emptying myself. I guess its the psychology of getting on the bike to put in some efforts. Come to think of it, I’m like this on the morning of a training ride too. So for the next 2 hours, I prepared my torture station. Setup the bike on the trainer, calibrated the power meter, setup the fan, laid out towels, a trash pail to empty my stomach into should the need arise, threw in a dvd of Liege Bastogne Liege (i think 2003), a little M.O.P. for my warmup and Metallica Master of Puppets for the actual test.

My warmup:

20mins at 162 watts, 137 bpm

3 x 1 min @ 100+ rpm with 1 min rest in between

5mins at 133 watts, 143 bpm

5mins at 384 watts, 179 bpm

10mins at 79 watts, 143 bpm

Now for the Threshold Test…drum roll please…big fart noise…

Damn, I missed my goal of 350 watts by 3 fricken watts.

20 mins at 347 watts, 186 bpm

I did a good job of pacing my efforts early on. I kept reminding myself of the impending pain from minutes 9-13. I think that I focused so well on getting through that window that soon after finishing minute 13 I started to crack. As you will see in the graph, by minute 15 I was deep in the hurtbox. I kept trying climb out of the box but it was a slippery slope. By minute 18 someone was closing the lid on the hurtbox with me in it. The psychology of having 1 min to go gave me the motivation to climb out of that f*ckin thing. I finished strongly with a max of 592 watts at 192 bpm. If this were outdoors an all out sprint would have ended my test much higher.

In the grand scheme of things, my all time best threshold power is 355 watts. This was recorded in the summer 2 seasons ago after months of training and racing. Today I clocked 347 watts in December on a diet of (1) 2-3 hour ride per week and Crossfit 1-2 times per week. Now that I have a baseline wattage number I will begin Crossfit Endurance this week to supplement my on the bike training. On Tuesday night my teammate Stoffel said to me “hey man youre riding really strong, you’re gonna have a good season”. Stoffel your words have stuck in my head. Thank you for the motivation. Kimani told me last night,”you better call me with some good numbers tomorrow. I dont wanna hear no bullshit”. Brian said to me,” awesome youre doing a test, I cant wait for us to compare all of our numbers.” Guys thank you for the motivation. Lastly, I want to thank my wonderful girlfriend, Shira who made her cheerleading/coaching debut today. She sat next to me the whole time keeping me going. “You said you wanna be the best right” “One of those pussies (from a team that I wont mention) is trying to pass you, you gonna let that happen?” “Keep it up, looking good”, etc. There is no way I would have been able to do that test without her there. After minute 15 when I started to crack (you’ll see in the graph) I looked at her and whimpered “I dont think I can do this”. I was suffering. She wouldn’t let me quit.

What a journey, I felt like I traveled through a couple of different climates. I went from burning up to freezing to hot again. Now my brain is a little off but I did it. Team ride tomorrow. One tip, when I was riding I would close my eyes and visualized myself turning my legs over. During these times I had my eyes closed I was at my smoothest and put out my best numbers.

PS – while typing this Kimani called me and said “what’s up…c’mon man you couldn’t squeeze out 3 more watts…

Bastard, lol

(check out the graph of my power file, after you click the thumbnail below, you can click it again on the next screen to make it bigger)

Power Test 12.13.08


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