Team Ride – 12.14.08

We had a great team ride this morning. A very controlled endurance ride. Brian made it clear that he would lead today’s ride and keep things at a proper endurance pace, 200watts, 3 hours max. We had a good group of 10 guys. It was a fun ride. Chris and Tony took off to do some tempo intervals. Unfortunately their excitement was quashed by an encounter with an unavoidable ice patch spread across the entire road. Chris dumped it pretty bad. He got some road rash and bruising. Hopefully he’ll recover quickly. We sprinted on the ride back to the bridge at our usual spot. Its a great hollow sprint. I rode along side of the group in my drops ready to go. I looked at Chris, a usual suspect. He didnt seem interested today. Then I looked back for Kimani. He didnt seem like he would be sprinting. As I looked back at him I noticed Sean flying up on my left. SHIT…got me. He was carrying a nice chunk of speed. It was perfectly timed. I jumped and closed the gap but it was too late. He took it. Good work Sean. I closed the gap super fast but was undergeared and it was too little too late. I couldn’t come around him in time. I am happy to say that I posted a new PR in my sprint wattage. I peaked at 1689 watts. At 2:55:03 I slowed down when I looked at Chris and Kimani. At 2:55:06 Sean passed me. A few seconds later the sprint was over. I did not realize that I cut off Danny at the previous turn. Sorry Danny!

So my previous peak output was 1500 watts at training camp last season. This is quite a big jump. I’m having trouble believing it. I called Sean to get his numbers from the sprint to confirm it. I also spoke to Kimani about it. I checked it against the Power Profile which puts my 5 sec power at the low Cat 2 range. Everything else in my training file for the day was right on. So I guess maybe its true. I’ll sprint a couple more times at this range and then I’ll have to believe it. I’ll also have to think about the fact that I have not ridden with a working power meter in months. In 2 years I’ve been through 3 Powertaps and 2 Ergomos. I’ve finally gotten wise and purchased an SRM. It works. Lets see how long I can get away with it for.

My entire ride: 2:53 at 231 watts average, 283 watts normalized. My numbers for this workout seem to be off. I forgot to zero the offset at the beginning of the ride. The temperature change was like 35 degrees from my home to outside.

(see the sprint below)



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