Back at It

Yesterday was a rest day. Now I’m back at it. I decided that I would go for the Daily Double, workouts in both the morning and evening. This morning I did yesterday’s Crossfit Endurance workout since today is a rest day on their site. I had to do Tabatas. This one was 30 sec max effort followed by 20 secs rest for 8 rounds. I did a 30 min warmup and then the efforts.

My (8) 30 sec intervals were as follows:

751w, 533w, 452w, 471w, 461w, 472w, 461w, 443w

I went out hard on the 1st one and quickly realized that I would not be able to hold the same intensity for each effort. On the last one I was going as hard as I could and was able to eek out only 443 watts. Otherwise it was a quick and efficient workout. Now I have a start point to improve on pacing my efforts better the next time this workout comes around.

It was a shock on the body to do a workout in the morning before work. I’ve never been able to workout in the morning consistently. It just kills my day. Aside from being ravenous, my brain was in a fog. I felt like I didnt get enough sleep even though I slept nearly 8 hours.

This evening I went to the Brooklyn Box for the WOD. WOD stands for Workout of the Day. Today’s recipe was 7 sets of 1 rep max weight Split Jerks. This was my 1st time doing this workout. Wanna learn how to do a Split Jerk? Check out

My weights for each set were as follows:

115lbs, 115lbs, 135lbs, 155lbs, 165lbs, 175lbs, 185lbs

Court did an excellent job of coaching me through the movements. My last set at 185lbs was quite ugly. I did an awful job of getting myself under the bar. Instead of getting low beneath the bar and locking my arms out, I ended up pressing it up lopsided. Overall not too bad for my 1st go round. I should see a pretty good improvement next time I encounter this workout.


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