Damn Eva…

I was a little tired today. Last nights tempo workout turned my body into a raging furnace. I woke up at 3am last night starving. I raided the kitchen and scarfed down 2 granola bars and tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately I couldnt fall back asleep for another hour or so.

Today’s Crossfit workout is called Eva. When I saw that experienced Crossfitters feared this workout, I knew it must be something crazy. I read the workout and my thought was damn that sucks. Fortunately I workout in the evening so I had the whole day to mentally prepare. The workout prescribed is 5 rounds of an 800m run followed by 30 swings with a 70lb kettlebell, then 30 pullups. Damn dude. On a good day I can just get 10 pullups straight through. Now they’re asking for 30 pullups times 5. Scaling? Is that you calling my name? Yes, scaling I would love your assistance. See Scaling is this angel that allows you to modify the workout to allow you to walk right up to the entrance of the morgue and peek inside instead of being wheeled into the morgue and never coming back out. I did 5 rounds of suicide drills (just like basketball) followed by 30 swings with a 55lb kettlebell then 15 pullups. I finished in 24:24. Wow what a workout. I finished an hour and a half ago and my mind is still in shock. I’m half way delirious. The runs weren’t too bad but the part that made it tough was that they require a lot of start and stopping instead of the steady effort that an 800m run requires. The kettlebell swings were tough but doable. The pullups (my weakness) were tough. I started doing them 3 at a time and quickly fell into reps of 1 or 2 at a time. I already feel it in my hands, forearms, back and quads. Lets see how I feel tomorrow. I know that I’m gonna sleep like a drunk baby tonight plus rain is in the forecast and I dont have to wake up for work tomorrow. I’m off until Jan 5th. So I’ll have time to Train Hard, Eat Hard, and Sleep Hard!!!


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