This post is a day late. So yesterday I had to do a 30min tempo interval on the bike. Riding the trainer is such an artform. I can say that I’m doing fairly well with it so far this year. In the past I’ve had to employ many more tricks to keep myself entertained. So far I’ve been able to get by with some music and race footage both on low volume. In the past I tried movies, race vids, music, a bike simulation video game, etc. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to find a cure for numbness. Oh man I was gone after my 20 min warmup. I just rode steady and did a couple of fast pedalling drills. At the end of my warmup I stood up and things were completely absent. I squeezed myself with my hand and could feel nothing. Usually I feel it coming on, not today. So at this point it wasnt worth taking a break to get some life back to jimmy. Just get into the workout. I did 30mins at 294watts. I kept a good cadence, 92rpm at 167bpm. It wasnt too bad. At times it sucked a bit. My legs were a little sore at certain points during the effort. I guess a little DOMS mixed with the pain of doing a long interval.


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  1. […] bpm, 86 rpm. I felt great during the effort. The last time I did this workout was on December 22nd. https://crossfitcyclist.wordpress.com/2008/12/24/tempo/ My effort was 294 watts, 167 bpm, 92 rpm. Today my heart rate was 8 bpm lower at an effort that […]

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