Endurance ride…my ass

Well this morning we had a team ride. Good showing this morning. Bill, Brian, Chris, Kimani, Stoffel, Sean and Danny, oh and me. You probably figured that out already. That reminds me of a quote by Ghostface on one of his albums. “Smart Dumb People” You know, dumb people that think that they are smart. Well if you have heard the album you would find that funny.

So off we went. To make a long story short we didnt do much endurance riding. I’m impressed as the team is looking mighty strong this year. Coach Greg has been serving up some economy sized cans of Whup Ass on the team. In addition it seems that Santa gave some people new legs for Christmas. I felt good today and tried some efforts here and there. I even tried to be a climber on the hill back from Rockland lake. 🙂

Those efforts all caught up with me on the ride back home. On the climb after the State line hill there was a separation in the group. I decided that I was gonna attempt to drag myself, Kimani, Chris and Bill back to the group. Check out the file below. So I was tinkering on at upper 300s. Then I went to the front. I figured okay I’ll sit in at 500 watts or so until we catch them. My legs said,”500 watts, who? We quit, we’re not taking this anymore.” I averaged 521 watts for a minute and then my legs exploded. I fell into a deep hole at 3:27:25. Bill was OTB and then Chris and Kimani bridged across effortlessly. Looking at the graph I visualize myself walking across undulating terrain and then tumbling down a cliff. My heartrate was fine but my legs had enough.


So I blow up myself and my teammate Bill and my reward was a solo chase in 20mph wind. Sorry Bill. I was destined to bridge across to the group. I almost caught them too. I was within 50 meters at one point but I just couldnt close the gap. Little did I know that there was a war going on in the front group with Stoffel and Sean putting the hurt on everyone. Later Bill bridged up to me and then superman Gabele came across. We worked together for a little while and soon realized that our chase was fruitless. The group was now out of sight. That ride back hurt nicely. I spent 30 mins at 321 watts on the trip back from state line. This would be tough typically but I was already 3 hours and 20 mins into my ride.

In the end I averaged 266 normalized for 3:35 at 140 bpm included my junk miles on the way to and from the bridge. I’ve been ravenous since I got home. I got in at 1pm. Since then I had an 18oz MetRx shake, a large bowl of stew, 2 burgers, a turkey and cheese sandwich, an egg sandwich with 2 hard boiled eggs and a bowl of grits. Its only been 5 hours and I’m still fuckin starving!!! My body is eating itself. My body temperature is very hot. I hope that this wont be a sleepless night where I’m waking up to eat.


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  1. You don’t know the half of it. Sean and Stoffel clearly wanted to hurt Retro Guy. We hammered at tempo 2 abreast, 2 min pulls. That lasted for about 15 minutes. Then, as it started to fall apart, we switched to single file, short pulls, full speed, and blew Retro Guy out the back By the time we got to the uphill sprint everyone had jelly legs. Kimani and I went for it; he beat me a cross the top. Bummer.

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