What the hell is a hip girdle???

Well this post is a day late. Yesterday, I went out for a ride with my teammate Chris. It was purely a recovery ride. We went to Bunberry in Piermont and back. We froze our asses off. 30 mins into our 2 hour ride and my fingers were completely frozen. The weather forecast was for upper 40s. That was a damn lie. F U weather.com. The further north we went the temperature got cooler. Plus it was like 200% humidity. You couldnt see 40 meters ahead of you. We were soaked from riding through clouds all day. When I got home Chris sent me an email. I was pretty jealous…thinking how the hell can his fingers work enough to type an email. It took me 10mins to get my keys out of my jersey pockets and open my door and this bastard is typing emails? I didnt regain feeling in my right pinky until 1130 that night.

Why a recovery ride? because I was so damn sore. I was self conscious when I was walking in public. Next time I will develop a nice suave pimp walk to disguise my discomfort. This is due to the back squats that I had to do on Xmas Eve. Do you know what it feels like to have sore hips? Most people can’t say that they do. Well I guess most men cant. I would guess that women might have experienced such a thing. Though I’m almost certain that their are some anatomical restrictions that would keep a man from experiencing that. Before you porn enthusiasts start thinking perverted thoughts I was referring to delivering a baby. Anyway…

Back squats as we were instructed to do them require a very wide stance. The exercise targets more hip, glute and lower back. The quads play a much lesser role than the way I have done squats in the past. To explain the soreness…picture wearing tighty whiteys. Think of everything that they cover being sore. Not something most people have experienced. They call this area the hip girdle. Its all the connective tissue that anchor your legs to your torso. These muscles were so weak that when I walked it felt like my legs were going to just push up through my hips into my stomach. I mean, I was frikkin sore. Just picture trying to get on and off a toilet with a sore hip girdle…

Class dismissed. Words of the day, Hip Girdle.


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