This morning was not as pleasant as I would have liked it. I woke up at 8am despite going to bed at 130am. I wanted to sleep longer but it just didnt work out. I was a little off. I enjoyed an amazing assortment of beers last night. My brain reminded me of that this morning. We had Ichor, Tripel Karmeliet, Gulden Draak, and Amadeus. Oh man they were so good. I wish I more leftover to have for breakfast. If you’re into great beers, get these and you’ll love yourself for it.

My bike was covered with crap from Sat and Sunday’s wet rides. So I cleaned it outside in the cold. That woke me up momentarily. But once I finished, I crawled back into the bed to sleep. Once I realized that my body wasnt going to let me sleep I knew that I had to get my ass on the bike immediately or else it may not happen today.

Per Crossfit Endurance I had to do 30 mins at a RPE of 12. I’m still trying to workout exactly what this means in watts so I interpreted it to mean 30mins at low tempo. There is an option to exceed RPE 12 during the latter half of the workout if you are going well. I am still trying to figure out a reliable comparison of the CFE’s RPE scale to Coggan’s Power scale. I will share it when I get around to figuring it all out.

So I did 30 mins at an average of 269 normalized, 156 bpm, 88 rpm. My tempo zone is currently from 264-315 watts. I basically was just trying to make sure not to go below 264 watts. The gridline in the graph is at 261 watts. I felt fine and the time went by relatively quickly being that I was on the trainer. The workout seemed fairly strict in that you should stay around RPE 12, so I didnt want to go to hard. Who knows what workout will pop up tomorrow. There is one short dip in my power. I had to grab my mouse to click on Pandora’s “I’m still listening” button. I had no interest in doing the last 10mins of the interval in silence. You’ll see in the graph that I turned it up just a tad from min 48 through the end of the effort. I finished the last minute at 372 watts, well into my threshold zone but that should be fine.



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