Conversion Chart

I’ve made an attempt at creating a conversion chart to figure out the CFE workouts in wattage. I laid the Borg 10-point chart vs. the Borg 15-point vs. the Coggan Power Levels. Take a look. You will notice that size of the increasing increments in the Borg 15 point chart change compared to the others. The 10-point chart relates to the 15-point chart by description of the effort. The 15-point chart compares to the Coggan Power levels by percentage of effort. CFE seems to make a RPE 20 equal to a TT effort, so 100% per effort on the 15-point chart or threshold on the Coggan Power Levels. Coggan Power levels exceed both RPE charts but the comparison can be made to the CFE workouts by the duration of the intervals prescribed. So if 4 min intervals are prescribed that would be a VOMax effort versus a 30 sec interval being anaerobic. Take a look. I’ve also added the links of the charts that I used to compile the information. Please send any comments or questions.


UPDATE: Below is the link to the follow up…Conversion Chart II



  1. Hey there…came across your blog entry today, and thought the following info might be helpful:

    1) the original Borg scale is usually referred to as being a 20 point scale, even though it doesn’t start at 0, and more importantly

    2) I’ve provided guidelines re. the expected RPE at the various training levels (e.g., active recovery, endurance) based on the Borg 10 point scale (see Table 1 here:

    You might try seeing how the latter line up with what you came up with…

  2. Brotha, gotta disagree, sorry. Here’s my thinking. Coogan has a scale that goes from 0-121 while Borg has a scale that goes from 0-10 or 0-15, RPE goes from 0-20 and you have a scale that goes from 0-100. Trying to say that you work harder at the top of the Coogan scale than you do at the Borg/RPE/crossfitcyclist scale does not pass the logical man theory.

    Looking at this objectively, if I measure a zero on any of the 5 scales it is the same level of effort. If I measure the top of the scale on any of the 5, the number is different but the level of effort is the same (unless you would argue a Power Meter allows you to work harder). Coogan has arbitrarily decided to top his scale at 121 and call it percent. This does not mean that if I am at 20 RPE I have more left to give because Coogan decided to measure it differently.

    What you need to do is normalize the top and bottom of the scales. So the top would be 100=10=15=121=20. From there you can mathematically determine where they line up. For example the midpoint would be 50=5=7.5=60.5=10.

    Or we can just put it all away and ride!!!

    Oh by the way: I almost hung it up last year because I was so wrapped it upendurance rides, carb loading and minutia I lost sight of the fact that I loved to race my bike. In short, I sucked. CF & CFE has refocused me back to my rugby days – go work hard, go get bloody, be a great team mate, be a better sportsman…Hopefully this year I will suck less.

    OBTW2: The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Loren Cordain & Joe Friel (of Training Peaks)

    All the best


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