Hang Power Cleans

Today’s CF workout was Hang Power Cleans. We had to do 7 sets with 1 rep max weight. This is my first time doing these. It interesting working on my form and comparing myself with guys that are much shorter than me. I’m just under 6’4 so the bar has a long distance to travel up and then I have a good trip down to get under the bar. Albeit, I’m always excited to learn a new skill. My form left much to be desired. On my 4th – 6th sets I had begun to adapt my own Split Clean which is a new exercise…I created it today! I quickly learned that it was easier for me to get under the bar by splitting my legs. I definitely didnt earn any points for cheating the movement but hey I got the bar up. The sad thing was that I was not even using heavy weights. I am certain that on the next time that this workout pops up I will do better. Cheers to progress. So here’s how it went.

set 1 – 108 lbs

set 2 – 128 lbs (fail)

set 3 – 128 lbs

set 4 – 148 lbs (fail)

set 5 – 148 lbs (bad form, split legs)

set 6 – 158 lbs (bad form, split legs)

set 7 – 148 lbs (dropped the weight to work on form. This was my best one)


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