Man that really sucked…

Today I did the CFE workout from Jan 4th:

Bike: 10 x 1/4 mile with 5 times the recovery (if it takes 30 seconds to bike the 1/4 mile then you recover 2:30)

Instead of the distance I followed the time. A 30 second effort followed by 2:30 rest times 10. Looking at my recent training files I saw that my max 30 second effort was 854 watts. That was done outdoors during a sprint. So since I wouldn’t be getting out of the saddle (I was on the trainer) I knew that I would not come close to that number, especially not during repeated efforts.

After a 20 minute warmup I began. During my warmup I did some fast pedaling efforts and some short max efforts to get the juices flowing. Then it was time for the “pain”…oh and that it was.

Check out the graph here


My efforts were as follows. I didnt bother posting heart rate because the delay is so big that heart rate isn’t so affected until the effort is over.

1st set 806 watts/118 rpm

2nd set 769 watts/118 rpm

3rd set 702 watts/115 rpm

4th set 687 watts/115 rpm

5th set 677 watts/113 rpm

6th set 647 watts/108 rpm

7th set 570 watts/111 rpm

8th set 631 watts/109 rpm

9th set 593 watts/ 101 rpm

10th set 681watts/101 rpm

As you can see I was falling down a slippery slope with 2 moguls at the end, lol. In the beginning I told myself,”just make sure to stay above 700″. Later I said,”just make sure to stay above 650″. Once I fell below that I said,”f*ck it just keep your legs going”. You will also see in my graph that I didn’t do a good job of pacing for each effort. Mentally I was really trying but my legs didn’t want to cooperate sometimes. Where you see the big dropoffs in power I was fighting to turn my legs over. It was comical thinking what I must have looked like. I even laughed at myself after one of the efforts. I was rocking my body so hard trying to use everything to pull my legs through the upstrokes. The green lines on the graph show my cadence. You could see where I was really hurting. During my recovery periods there were times when I just had to pause.

Man when I finished the workout, I was fuct up. The way that I felt reminded me of track racing. I cooled down for like 6 mins. Turning over the pedals was a chore. I stayed on the bike and laid on the bars for a few minutes. Then I got off the bike and just laid on the top tube for a few minutes. Then on to my chair for a few. It took me a little while there until I could pick my head up. I was a zombie. My legs were solid to the touch. Here I am 2 hours later and my brain is just not right. Boy am I going to sleep well tonight.



  1. That is really good data and also indicative of a “killer” effort. Great job! It’s wild how the cumulative affect of the workout just saps you. What looks easy on paper has nothing to do with reality. Great website!

    take care,


  2. Yes definitely a killer effort. Shit, I feel like it almost took my life, lol. Its a day later and my brain is still a little off. Enjoy my blog. Thank you

  3. […] last time I did 30 sec efforts with 2:30 recovery. I was excited for this workout as it is really tough. I […]

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