Some Threshold Work…

Today’s CFE workout was short intervals 10 secs on, 20 secs off times 16. Its a good workout but not for me today. I wanted to get some time in at threshold. I wanted to do some threshold work but not dig myself too deep into a hole. I’ve been getting a good amount of sleep but this morning it seemed as if it wasnt enough. I woke up 30 mins late. I never use an alarm clock. The strange thing is I woke up in the middle of a dream at 745am. I dont believe that I’ve ever done that before.

Okay, fine. I’ll tell you about the dream. Anyway, in the dream I had a roommate with a fish tank of some really exotic fish. I walked into our place and was shocked to see that the fish tank only had one fish left in it. Another fish was flopping on the floor near the tank and another just jumped out. They were both piranhas. I saw my friend laughing. When he saw me he quickly got up grabbed his piranhas and threw them in his ziplock bag. I realized that he set a prank to kill my roommates fish. He put the piranhas in and they devoured all of the other fish. I ran after him, tripped him and started whoopin his ass and then he ran away. At that moment I began thinking about a plan to poison his fish tank at his place. Then I woke up…

…really fuckin weird, especially considering I dont have a roommate, fish or any friends with fish…

So on to my workout…I decided on one 10 min interval and two 5 min intervals at 340 watts or better. They went as follows:

10mins at 342 watts, 171 bpm, 89 rpm

5mins at 347 watts, 171 bpm, 88 rpm

5mins at 340 watts, 168 bpm, 80 rpm

Not bad. I felt pretty good. I could have definitely done more but ended it right there. I hope to get in some good rest tonight. Have a good workout tomorrow and prepare for the weekend. My unfortunate discovery during my workout is that I need to buy a new saddle. I snapped both sides of my Specialized Toupe in the exact same place. I’m like a fat guy. I’m breaking seats and my clothes dont fit. To bad our sponsorship proposal got rejected by Specialized. Those things arent cheap. Though the good news is that we got confirmation today that Maxxis accepted our sponsorship proposal. Whoo hoo!


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