I love these types of workouts, quick bursts of pain. This was Crossfit Endurance’s Saturday workout. I choose it instead of todays TT workout. Looking at my training files I know that I need to work on my cadence. I think that I have lost a bit of the suppleness in my legs from doing the Crossfit workouts. For instance my power test was done at like 86 rpm. While it is a somewhat average cadence, it is low for me. My past max cadence was 203 rpm, 2 years ago. On my best day today I wouldnt be able to get close to that. So my workout was as follows:

Sprint/Recover:  3 rounds of (20sec/60sec, 20sec/50sec, 20sec/40sec, 20sec/30sec, 20sec/20sec, 20sec/10sec) Start next round after 10 sec rest…

My numbers were as follows: 

Round 1: 560, 552, 574, 569, 496, 515

Round 2: 515, 526, 506, 561, 528, 508

Round 3: 504, 530, 634, 605, 585, oops I forgot one effort. That happens with these complex workouts sometimes.

All of my efforts were between 113-119rpm, except for the last 3 which were between 121-125rpm. Those were also my best efforts. I know that I can go harder on this workout next time. By no means was I doing these ones lightly. At the dips in power I was hurting. I think that as I progresses I was more primed for the efforts. Also I exhibited a classic example of the “final kick”. Interestingly, this article was attached to that workout


About 15 mins after my bike workout I did 8 rounds of 30sec on/20 sec off tabatas with my girlfriend. I did this for situps and squats. She did that plus pushups and burpees. I felt good. It was a great workout all around. These workouts together will work wonders for helping me to change speeds on the bike quickly. It will be tremendously helpful for track racing and the final run up in a road race to the sprint. Its a nice day here in NYC though quite cold. Enjoy your day, make sure to serve yourself a good plate of suffering today!


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