A little threshold work

Saturday Jan 17th

Today was my 1st day working out since Tuesday. I got killed at work this week. I got a new project on Tuesday. Despite working late on Tuesday I went to Crossfit. Wednesday I was feeling fatigued from Tuesday’s activities and some poor sleep. I worked 12 hours on Wednesday and Thursday on top of poor sleep on both nights. By Friday my brain was cooked so I just rested so that I could get some descent training today. I just wanted to wake my body up a little. Nothing too crazy. Crazy will come soon once I start feeling better. I did an hour on the trainer. Mostly endurance work with a 10min and a 5 min interval at low threshold. The bottom of my threshold is 315 watts. I averaged 316 and 317 watts for each interval, basically right on. I felt pretty powerful on the bike today but held myself back. I plan on getting some good sleep tonight and getting some good training tomorrow.


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