Wow, what a workout

Today’s CF workout was “Mr. Joshua” Five rounds for time of: Run 400 meters, 30 Glute-ham sit-ups, 250 pound Deadlift, 15 reps

I did this workout last on 11/26/08. I smoked it then. I subbed abmat situps for Glute Hamstring situps and 145 lbs Deadlift for 250 lbs. My finishing time was 17:54. Today, I did Glute Ham situps on a physio ball and subbed 193 lbs Deadlift for the 250lbs prescribed weight. I finished today in 22:54. Holy shit, this workout was a fuckin beast. I was laid out on the floor for like 5 mins afterwards. Then I spent the following 10 mins just roaming around like a lost sheep. I had a blazing headache from the exertion. Sweat was pouring from my head and snot was pouring from my nose. The temperature outside was 23 F with a realfeel of 11 degrees. It didnt seem cool enough. I was sweating like crazy even while doing the runs outside. I haven’t been the same since the workout. But despite all of the suffering the workout was awesome. The runs and the situps werent bad. It was the deadlifts that killed me. I was able to do 3-5 at a time just to get the 15 reps in each round. They were murder. I still have a ways to go to get to the prescribed weight of 250. At this point I am happy with my 48 lb progression from the last time doing this 2 months ago.

I was thinking about my recent Hang Power Clean workout on Sunday. I came across this video of Lance Armstrong doing them.

Its interesting that most cycling publications warn cyclists against doing movements like the Hang Power Clean. Their angle is that “cyclists are too weak to do them”. Yes cycling is not a load bearing sport. But without hard, heavy movements how a cyclist get strong? I’ve also seen photos of Lance doing kettlebell work. Interesting… He is looking really strong and quite muscular. He looks like he did before cancer. It seems like he’s been incorporating some Crossfit style movements into his training regimen. Lets see how it all works out for him. Check out this photo here. Thats a good sized bell that he’s doing swings with.

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