Daily Double…again

Jan 22nd 2008

Well after doing the ‘Intelligent Workout’ last night I got a decent night of sleep. I had the day off today. Our fiscal year ends at the end of the month so I have some vacation days to burn up. I woke up at 7am. At 9am I got on the trainer. I did two 5 min efforts at 334 and 335 watts. Then just  a couple of 1 min efforts at 317 and 359 watts. I could have gone harder but I wanted to save something in the tank for the lunchtime Crossfit class. My heartrate was back to where it usually is for those types of efforts. I spent 45 mins on the trainer with the rest of the time being spent in my Endurance zone.

Afterwards, I ate breakfast and took a quick nap. I went to the 1230pm Crossfit class at the Manhattan Black Box. Todays workout was tough. Five rounds for time of: 45 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges (50 feet), 21 Burpees

The walking lunges weren’t too bad. The burpees killed me. I think that I had an advantage on the others in the walking lunge that allowed me to make up time that I lost during the burpees. I have a long stride and good strength in my legs from the years of cycling. This workout was a shoulder blaster. You are using your shoulders in a major way during the overhead lunges. Then you are doing a bunch of burpees, just murdering your shoulders. I finished the workout in 14:40. It was a decent time and sure did hurt.

Tomorrow the weather forecast looks great. Its gonna be a sweltering 45 degrees F. I hope to get outdoors and relearn how to steer a bicycle.


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