Who you calling a bitch?

Society makes it wrong to call a women a bitch even though some definitely fit the bill. I met a bitch today. Her name was Elizabeth. She made me do 115lb cleans and ring dips for 21, 15, and 9 reps. Like most bitches, Elizabeth has good aspects to her. Usually its our own short sightedness that allow us to focus on someones negatives while ignoring their positives. Cleans are good. They are quite tough when you do a high number of them. Workouts are positives too. She’s related to Crossfit, another positive.

My biggest problem with Elizabeth is ring dips. I’m fairly proficient at doing dips but ring dips are a different story. Flailing my legs crazily while trying to extend my arms at the top of the movement, sweat dripping from my face, making noises that resemble a castrated pterodactyl are all symptoms of me doing ring dips. While looking at myself more objectively, I begin to see that I may be projecting my own frustrations and weaknesses on to Elizabeth. Perhaps its easier for me to point the finger at her than it is to see that I hate Elizabeth because she exposes my own weaknesses.

I digress. Maybe I love Elizabeth. She challenges me to do things that will force me to turn my inabilities into abilities, weaknesses to strengths. I’m sure that I will see you again Elizabeth. I’ll probably still call you a bitch but know deep down that its only because of my own weakness. As I get better at ring dips you’ll probably become a nicer person. Until then, youre still a bitch.

Thinking about our future, something strikes me…its the thought that the nicer Elizabeth will become, we will likely spend less and less time together. Today we spent a long agonizing 19:01 together.


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  1. […] This is the first time that we have met in a while. Truth be told, I like her a bit more than last time. She still has a major character flaw, ring dips, that I’m learning to just deal with. Yes, […]

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