What Team Ride?

Feb 1st

Well this morning was supposed to be team ride. There was 5 of us. Terrible communication amongst the riders that showed up. As soon as we started 2 guys were mashing hard and jumping off the front. I spent the first 15 mins of my ride near threshold trying to chase the group. One of my teammates and I were wondering what was going on since our team rides are usually endurance rides. No comments were made prior to starting the ride about riding at a higher intensity or doing intervals, etc. Its ironic that just a couple of days ago a teammate submitted a recent PEZ article to the team about group ride etiquitte. It may be safe to assume that everyone did not read it.

So after that episode, I ceased making an effort to rejoin the group. I rode with another teammate at a reasonable endurance pace. We got in a good 3 hour ride. In the middle of the ride I hit a major wall. I think a DOMS bomb blew up inside of me. I was barely sore beginning the ride but 2 hours into it I was hurting. Nicole was rearing her ugly head. And to think about it, it has been 2 days since Nicole. That is usually when DOMS hits me the hardest. In the past I would not have been so sore from such a workout. This time during Nicole I made a conscious effort to work on POSE running. As a result, my feet, calves, achilles were destroyed. My traps and forearms were sore too. This made it tough to hold myself up on the handlebars.

I made it back despite struggling to keep power to the pedals. My average for the 3 hours was 245 watts. Now I’m looking forward to a day or two of rest.


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