Cracked, shattered, broken, completely destroyed…

CFE today, this workout again… Bike: 10 x 1/4 mile with 5 times the recovery (if it takes 30 seconds to bike the 1/4 mile then you recover 2:30)

Like last time I did 30 sec efforts with 2:30 recovery. I was excited for this workout as it is really tough. I was looking forward to comparing today’s numbers to the numbers from the last time that I did the workout a month ago.

I made sure to get a good warmup. Mentally I knew that I wanted to be a little more conservative with my 1st couple efforts so that I could maintain the same high power output through each of the 10 intervals. I did my 1st effort at 769 watts. Followed by the:

2nd set – 741 watts, good

3rd set – 749 watts, still keeping consistency

4th set – 702 watts, decent but pain setting in, vision is a little cloudy

5th set – 662 watts, ouch, vision now getting blurry

During this recovery period, I had to get off the bike. I just sat on the top tube waiting until I had to do the next set.

6th set – 597 watts, this sucks, straining just to see the numbers on my power meter, legally blind?

7th set – ????

I think I missed the 7th set. After the 6th one, I got off the bike and rested my head on the saddle. A few seconds later my stomach decided that it was no longer interested in holding its contents. CFers call this meeting Mr. Pukie, Mark at Mark’s Daily Apple calls this ‘Shouting Groceries’. I call it miserable. For set number 8 I practiced body weight deadlifts over Mr. Toiley Bowl for strength. I worked on shouting through the hole in the set into the water to work on my accuracy and coordination. When I was done with that, for set number 9 I switched to a body weight squat on to Mr. Toiley Bowl. Time for a new vernacular phrase…shall we call this “birthing fertilizer”? I was cooked. Experiencing dizziness, cramping in various muscles in my legs, gasping for air, and sweating profusely. I took me a few minutes to muster enough strength to get up. I finally got up and made a quick recovery drink and rushed back in to the bathroom and laid in the tub. I was still so dizzy. I couldn’t even drink the damn thing.

Well at least I got through half of the workout. I’ll get some rest and be back at it tomorrow. Wish me luck. Last time this workout out kicked my ass badly but I won in the end. I finished. This time I got cracked, shattered, broken, and completely destroyed. Thank you stomach for being such a great training partner. I can say that throwing up from exertion is much better than throwing up from being sick because as I’m writing this I’m stuffing my face. If I was sick I’d likely be too ill to eat.



  1. I enjoy seeing your power numbers for these workouts. I haven’t tried this one but seeing your power gives me an idea of what to shoot for. This workout sounds much more brutal reading it on your blog than on the CF endurance site 🙂

  2. Reid, you’ve been warned this workout is a killer if you’re doing it correctly. Despite how bad it killed me last night, I’m excited about doing it again soon. We’ll see when it pops up on CFE again. What is this sickness that cyclists and crossfitters suffer from that makes us subject ourselves to such torture?

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