Recovery Sunday & Tempo Today

Feb 8th

Yesterday’s Daily Double beat me up real good. I was planning to take the day off completely but the bright sun and warm temperature forced me outside. I opted for a light spin in Central Park. Man I havent been in the park is a really long time. I guess somethings still dont change. There are still a bunch of idiots riding way too fast in a crowed park full of pedestrians. None the less I had a great ride. 152 avg/196 normalized for 30 mins.

Feb 10th

Today I did 30 mins of tempo on the trainer. My effort fell exactly at 300 watts, 159 bpm, 86 rpm. I felt great during the effort. The last time I did this workout was on December 22nd. My effort was 294 watts, 167 bpm, 92 rpm. Today my heart rate was 8 bpm lower at an effort that was 6 watts greater. It can be argued that my heartrate was a little higher the last time because my cadence was higher. But overall I felt much better during today’s effort. I felt much stronger and more fluid. I was not constantly looking at the time like I did when I did this workout last time. Things seem to be on the up and up. Granted this is not a real test, my body feels different.

Since I dont have much for you to read today. I’ll share this with you. Hopefully this article will help you to silence the voices screaming for you to stop when your doing a hard interval


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