Intervals 5x TT

Feb 11

Today was a CFE day. I wanted to do the CF workout today but I just didn’t have the time to go to the box to workout. So instead I just did the CFE workout. The workout was called Intervals 5x TT.

6min TT

3 min rest

4 min TT

2 min rest

1min TT

30 sec rest

30 sec TT

15 sec rest

15 sec TT

It was my first time doing this one. I learned some lessons in pacing. There are many lessons for me to learn in pacing. Its just something that I’m not very good at. So the 1st interval was a 6 min TT. I messed that one up and ended up doing a 5 min TT. My wattage was 414. This was a 32 watt increase from the last 5 min effort that I did 2 months ago. Its not a PR for me but it is a solid improvement. I ended up going too hard on my 1st interval that I didnt recover well for the 2nd effort. I was supposed to do 4 min. This one was poor. I just tried to keep myself at threshold. I did the 4 min at 341 watts. Since I didnt push it so hard for this one, I recovered better for the rest of the workout. My 1 min was at 463 watts. 30 sec at 421 watts. 15 sec at 773 watts. Next time I need to focus on how to ride the 1st efffort so that I can put in a very hard effort for the 2nd interval. While my heartrate had fallen down to 122bpm at the start of the 4 min effort my legs didnt follow. This is pretty common. I’ll improve as the adaptations do.


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