Team Ride

Feb 15th

So some of the team guys met up for an Endurance Ride today. It started out rather cold and windy and got nicer as the day progressed. Good, strong, steady effort for 3 hours and 15 minutes. It felt good to get outside and ride. My legs were still feeling it from Fran. I had some bad cramps at the end of the ride. But otherwise I put in some nice efforts on the climbs, some steady state solo efforts, and a sprint. I averaged 253 watts for 3hrs 15mins. Some of my efforts today were my top efforts of the season so far. Its good to see that things are improving. Today a teammate came over briefly. We were talking about our training. He asked about mine and asked how much I was riding. I didn’t really know. So I looked at my log to find out that this week I spent 4:52 on the bike and 3:15 of it was on today’s ride. I spent 30 minutes on the bike for the entire week before. The preceding weeks bike training time was 4:17, 4:30, 1:16, and 2:33. So far in this month, I’ve spent 8:47 on the bike. 10:02 in January and 13:11 in December. My monthly time spent on the bike is less than a typical week of training. It has been pretty insane to think that I’ve spent so little time on the bike. The crazy thing is that I’ve been riding very well so far. So far things have been looking good. My Experiment has been going well. Lets hope that it continues.

I came across a good website with some good articles on training for endurance athletes. Check it out


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