I’m still here

Its been a few days since I’ve written, but I’m still training. I promise.

Feb 17

After taking the day off yesterday, I was still a little fatigued. I could have definitely accomplished a good workout. I had intended on doing something easier like a half hour of tempo. Once I got on the trainer I did my warm up. I began pushing my pace higher and noticed that my heartrate was not responding as normal. My HR was definitely low. So I changed plans and opted for 45 mins of recovery riding. I watched Cervelo Test Team unleash a textbook leadout to drop off Thor for an easy win in the Tour of California.

Feb 18th

Yesterday’s recovery worked very well. So now I’m back and ready to beat myself up again. I did the CFE workout called Mack’s 20:10 Distance. Its a tabata workout for distance. Typically tabata drills are prescribed 20sec on, 10 sec off for 8 rounds. This workout requires 20 sec on, 10 sec off until you travel 5 miles. I dont use speed on my bike, so I settled on doing 10mins of the drill. This workout is very similar to a Hunter Allen workout called MicroBursts that I have done in the past. Those required 3 set of 10mins of 15 sec on @ 430 watts and 15 sec off @ 130 watts. With that in mind, I gave myself a goal of hitting 430watts for each effort. These efforts would require 5 sec more work and 5 sec less recovery than the Microburst workout. My efforts were as follows: 611, 450, 407, 471, 474, 485, 454, 443, 442, 410, 453, 435, 464, 416, 430, 385, 436, 446, 455, 535. I average 455 watts overall. This was much higher than I anticipated. Each of my efforts was 105rpm or better. I enjoyed this workout. I do think that it could have been harder though I am aware that the CFE workouts are designed to be an accessory to CF so excessive training stress would be too difficult to recover from.

Feb 19

CF today. I’ve been getting killed at work so I haven’t made it out in a few days. So I decide to go on one of the nastiest days. Today’s workout should have been titled “Shoulder Murder”. Here it is:

For time:
50 Ring Dips
Run 400 meters
50 Push-ups
Run 400 meters
50 Handstand push-ups
Run 400 meters

I suck at Ring Dips but I got em done. Running, no problem. 50 pushups after the Ring Dips, oh man. I was shocked at how fatigued I was at this point. The Pushups were really tough. Running, not too bad. I went out too hard and didnt keep a great pace in the last 200 meters. 50 Handstand Pushups, fuck you. I can barely do a handstand. My shoulders are cooked, my tris are fried, snot running from my nose and sweat burning my eyes. I scaled down to inverted pushups with my toes on a Plyo box. Goddamn. These were bloody murder. I was going back and forth between 1 or 2 reps at a time to get to 50. My last run was joyful. I was excited at the notion that this workout was over. I have to say that this workout sucked the worse of any CF workout that I’ve done. I finished in a measly 25:53. That workout might have got me down, but I’m definitely not out. I’ll be back. Bring it.


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