Team Ride, Drunkedness & Front Squats

Feb 22

Today we had a team ride. Most of the group was doing the same workout given by Team Coach, Greg Choat. The workout was 2 by 15mins at threshold. I was along for the ride so I just chose to do one of the 15 min efforts. In the draft I did 340 watts for the effort. Stoffel and Brian were doing them on the front. They did 375 and 350 watts for the effort. Thats quite impressive. They’re are pretty indicative of the team as a whole. Everyone is riding very well right now. I expect that we will have a good early season of racing. I left the group early and cut my ride down to about 2:45 hours. I felt very good on the way home too. I put in some good efforts. Unfortunately I forgot to clear out the ride data in my SRM. So I only have a record of the 1st 45 mins of my ride.

I left the ride early primarily because I had to get to my friends birthday party. I also try to avoid rides longer than 3 hours since I focus primarily on crits and circuit races. In the past, the longest race that I do is 72 miles (the Empire States Games Qualifier). That wont be happening this year due to state budget cuts. So I got to McSorley’s for my friends birthday at about 4pm. McSorleys is one crazy place. Check out probably the only bar in the city that has a line to get in at 1 in the afternoon. It opened in 1854. It has quite a bit of history. For me its been a place where I’ve historically gotten shitfaced. I had about 11 beers in the 4 hours that I was there. My friends treat me like a side show. Through my college years, I developed the ability to down a full beer in one swig. It takes me about 1.5 seconds to down a McSorley’s Ale. At 8pm we went to Southern Hospitality to continue our self destructive partying. There we graduated to doing shots of Petron. I think I had about 3. I also shotgunned a Captain and Coke, and drank 3 Chimays. I was home and asleep by 1 am.

Feb 23

I woke up this morning a little off. One smart thing that I did during yesterday’s partying was drink water. For me the secret to avoiding a bad hangover is by shooting glasses of water when I drink. I was still hungover but not nearly as bad as one would expect after doing an inventory of all of the drinks that I had. This morning was full of my girlfriend asking me “Do you remember when you… last night?” Nope sorry. I dont remember. I think that my brain turned off at like 11pm last night. Despite the way that I felt, I still made it to Crossfit. Today was Front Squats. 5 sets of 3 reps max weight. I finished with 185, 185, 195, 195, 185. Not too bad. I’m just under my body weight for reps. I expect that I can do above my body weight for a one rep max. I can say that this workout was not good for being hungover. The exertion made me wanna throw up. I kept it together though. One of my CF classmates, Alex was pretty hungover too. So we helped each other with moral support. Alex is a bike racer too. He’s a monster on the track. In fact he is in the running for Mission G, a reality show by Gatorade. Check out his audition tape


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