Light Ride

Feb 28th

I met up with some of the team guys for a light recovery ride. My friend came out to meet us. He is new to cycling so I thought a slow for us would be a great day for him to come out and join. Well things didnt go exactly to plan. About a mile into the ride his front tire blew. Fortunately there was a bike shop across the street. We got it fixed and then a few minutes later that one blew. Fortunately for that one, we were on the way to his car to get more money since I spent the cash that I had to have the 1st tube replaced. So we fixed that one and then finally off we went. It was a short ride. We stopped at Piermont for a coffee and then headed back. This was my 1st day on my new wheelset. It was quite a search to find a new set of race wheels. I’m around 215 lbs now so fully dressed with water bottles, etc. I’m probably like 230lbs on a bike. My current race wheels have a limit of 190 lbs. So it was time to retire them. They’re a great wheelset from our team sponsor Fetish Cycles. I’ve ridden them probably less than 30 times so I’m sure they’ll make a good set of wheels for someone else. I settled on the American Classic Hurricanes. It was either those or the Hed Kermesse. Both are for “clydesdale” riders. Clydesdale is a cycling industry politically correct way of saying your fat ass is too big for this stuff. Why dont you come over to this section of our store for items specially built for you larger riders. To smooth things out they also describe these items for sprinters and powerful riders. It can be a confusing designation. I guess its kinda like the BMI. Is having a high BMI good or bad? The BMI considers be “overweight” yet my bodyfat is about 7%.

Anyway I digress, I love the wheels. They’re quite stiff. In face they are the stiffest road wheels I’ve ever been on. They felt compliant on climbs out of the saddle. Bumps in the road felt distinctly different than my training wheels (Chris King hubs laced to Mavic CXP33s). They spin up well. I did a few test sprints on them at around 1400 watts. I felt fast. The reduction of the sideways flexing of these wheels versus my training wheels made a huge difference in transmitting power to the pedals. They feel good. Now lets hope that I can convert this into some results.

Today I spent 2:42 at 211 normalized.


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