CFE 10 sec on 5 sec off x 20

Today was a CFE day. I realize that I’ve been so consumed by Crossfit that I’ve been neglecting my bike a little. My last trainer workout was on Wednesday last week. I dont count my Sunday ride because it was light recovery. I recently had my bike tuned up by my mechanic Imbert. He is an amazing wrench. I avoided getting on my bike because it is currently as clean as it was when I took it out of the box a little over a year ago. I dropped my bike off to have the cables swapped and not only did he swap the cables he gave an overhaul to my surprise. Its got a frikken turtle wax shine on it.

So the special on today’s menu is 10 sec on 5 sec off times 20. I didnt know what to expect going into this workout. Ive never done it before. In my head I wanted to average 500 watts minimum. All said and done, I averaged 532 watts. Cool. Instead of listing all of my efforts you can check out the attached graph. You’ll see my wattage drop on the 4th interval. In my head I was thinking that I should shift into a harder gear and kind of lost focus for a few seconds. On the 5th interval my power went back up with a corresponding drop in cadence due to the bigger gear.


The workout didnt hurt me as bad as I anticipated. I thought that the short 5 second rest would kill me. It was good. It offered an opportunity to work on spinning up a gear quickly. This’ll be quite helpful on the track and with the surges of the field in a road race. I dont have too much to write about today so I’ll leave you with this funny video


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