Spring already?

Mar 7th

Coach must have known that we got some crazy weather here in NY today. The CF workout was a 5k run. It was 69 degrees. Just to think that the temperature was in the single digits just 3 days ago. I opted for a bike workout instead of running. So CFE was the order of the day. The workout was 3 mile TT rest 3 min, Then hold 3 x 1 mile (30 sec rest between) at your 1 mile pace for the 3 mile TT. I flubbed this one. I did 1 min rest in between each effort. Oh well. I read the workout quickly and then headed out of the door. Instead of riding for the distances listed I figured that it would take me around 8 mins to do the 3 miles. My 1st effort was 374 watts. The others were 337, 355, 355. I didnt recover so well from the 1st effort therefore I did the 2nd at 337. It would’ve been much higher had I actually rested for the 3 mins prescribed. I recovered better for the 2nd 2 but they would have likely been lower had I rested for the 30 sec prescribed.

On the other hand, on the way back my teammate Chris gave me a leadout so that I could try a good sprint on my new wheels. I hit a new PR in the sprint. 1630 watts, yeah baby! Thanks Chris. Thanks American Classic Hurricanes. My 5 sec was 1599 watts. 10 sec at 1534 watts and 20 sec at 1348. Check out my graph below. Per the TrainingPeaks power profile, that puts me as a mid range Cat 2. Cool, considering that I’m a Cat 3. At this time last year I hit my sprint PR of 2008. I beat that number by over 100 watts. Crossfit??? Lets just hope that I’m able to progress more throughout the season. Last year I foolishly peaked in April and was unable to match that fitness again during the rest of that season.


Heres a great must read article


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