Grants Tomb

grants1My teammate Chris driving the pace      Photo Credit- Eloy Anzola

Mar 14th

So this morning was Grants Tomb. I did not feel so great when I woke up. I was pretty tired. My sleep during the night was poor. I got in the bed at 11pm. By midnight I still hadnt slept. I was too hungry. I got up and made myself an egg sandwich. I had eaten a massive dinner at 9pm. I guess my body had forgotten that it happened. I probably fell asleep at like 1230. I was up again at 400am. This time to use the bathroom. Had to get rid of all of the food that I ate. Had trouble falling back asleep. I woke up at 730 to prepare for the race. I felt hungover when I woke up despite not having a drink all week. I guess it was due to my poor sleep. I also felt very dry. Next time I will make sure to put on my humidifier at night.

I got up, had a cup of coffee. I really wanted to eat something but couldnt muster up any interest in doing so. I warmed up on the trainer for 20 mins. Ate a quarter of a PB&J, got dressed and left to the race. I had a prerace drink so I was confident that I would get the nutrients and fuel that I would need for the race. When I showed up the races were running about 45mins behind schedule…so much for rushing. So I rested and then warmed up again.

3,2,1…go. There was a crash right at the beginning of the race. Made it past that one. The beginning of the race was aggressive. The field was stretched out trying to regroup. I hit 1116 watts within the 1st minute of the race. Its crazy to think that I never got out of the saddle too. As usual the first few minutes of a crit are fast. I averaged 362watts for the first 5 minutes. I expected the race to settle down later as everyone got tired. While this was happening I was working my way up towards the front. My goal was to get in to the top 15 positions and hold position there until the finale. Unfortunately that never happened. With about 9 laps to go, there were a couple of crashes that I found myself having to manuever around. I lost a bit of momentum and places in the field. I was working to chase back to the field. Things were okay for about half a lap until both of my calves started to cramp at exactly the same time. Usually for me cramps feel like my muscles are knotted up with a deep contraction. This time they felt like they were tearing when I was jamming on the pedals. Not good. I continued my weakened chase for another 4 laps until the ref pulled me out.

In the end, I was happy with this being my 1st race of the season. Grants Tomb is a tough race for a first race of the season. I have no regrets. I felt very comfortable in the field. My movements through the pack were smooth and calculated. I hit the corners well. Next time I need to do a better job of getting to the front earlier in the race. I feel like my training has effectively prepared me for racing. There will be many more tests on the way.

Avg  – 307 watts at 165 bpm



  1. Is that one of the famous Polish kids behind me?

  2. There is only one. Superstar Filip Capala. Yes that is him.

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