Team Training Camp – Day One

Mar 18th
I was a little tired this morning. Definitely did not sleep like I would have liked. That is a regular occurance for me lately. The change in time zones and jet lag only make things worse. The morning was spent setting up shop. Some went shopping for supplies, some had bike fittings, others did things at the house. Our house is awesome. 4000+ square feet and loaded with lots of amenities. Today was like 85 degrees. In the afternoon we went out for our first ride. We rode from Lake Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam which is on the the state line between Nevada and Arizona. The majority of our ride was spent on a bike path. Apparently they are building these paths all over Nevada. There is so much going on here in the way of infrastructure improvements.


Unpaved Roads

We rode through a stretch of unpaved road called the Railroad Trail. Along the path we went through a series of tunnels that are bored through the mountains. They are amazing. They average 200-400 meters and have no lights in them. In the middle of the longer ones it is pitch black. The Hoover Dam was such an amazing sight. We attracted a lot of attention there. Some tourists were taking photos of us. They are building a bridge over the dam. It is quite a marvel to see how they are constructing this huge structure.


Quick team photo at the Hoover Dam


The team taking a quick break at the Hoover Dam

Check out the bridge in the background

We turned around at the state line and returned the same way that we came out. The bike path was really cool. It was a rolling course with lots of switchbacks and little climbs. Its really great to ride in these areas where as far as the eyes can see there is only nature. No buildings, cars, etc. Just rock formations, cacti, sand and the beautiful Lake Las Vegas. Unfortunately I cant report on my ride data. We had some issues trying to upload my files so I just decided to delete them.


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