Training Camp – Day Two

Mar 19th
I woke up way too early today. My teammate was on his phone at 5am. I’m a light sleeper, so this woke me up. I never went back to sleep. Today’s ride is called the Valley of Fire. We left the house at 9am to drive to the start. We stopped and parked in a tractor trailer rest stop. It was right off the highway. The road that the truck stop was on just went straight into a mountain range wayyyyy off in the distance. There was no other road or any sign of civilization visible.


The view of the road behind us is the roughly the same as the view in front of us. Nothing…

It seems that this area of land is most popular as a place to set off fireworks. There was burned out fireworks strewn all over the place. We rode this road for about 45mins until we hit a good 20 min descent down in to the valley. It was awesome. 40+ mph for 20 something minutes.


My teammate Brian. Check out the road snaking up through the mountains in the background.

It was clear how it became called the Valley of Fire. Everything is clay red. It is the most beautiful land of rock formations that I’ve ever seen. It was phenomenal. The sight of being in a valley that is miles wide and bordered by red mountains and rock formations in an infinite number of unique shapes. Everything is smooth. It reminds of high school science classes and the explanations of many of these formations be created by years of running water that eroded the land. The only difference is that it is a desert now and there isnt any water to be found.


Isnt this amazing…

Today was a tough day on bike parts. I snapped a chainring bolt. I have a weird click in my drivetrain and the bearings in my right pedal are dead. I noticed all of these things on a really steep climb that we had to overcome. Its hard being the fat guy.
The way back to the car was tough. Remember that long 20min descent that I raved about? Well everything that goes down must go back up. That effort on the way back was killer. But once we hit the top it was a super fast false flat for a good 11 miles back to the car. Today was a really challenging day. I averaged 235 watts for like 3 hours. My wattage would have been much higher had there not been so much descending.

Other good news…I’ve lost 12 lbs over the past month or so. Yeah baby and my power output is still the same. Woo hoo!!!


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  1. Good work here. Keep em coming!

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