Training Camp – Day Four

Mar 21st

Today the team went to Death Valley and Dante’s Peak. 90 miles, tons of climbing, 2.5hour drive to and from the house…my thought…fuck that. After yesterdays suffering today would be a good day to recover and rest. I could also dedicate today to getting some work done. Since I’m in Vegas I had a great opportunity to visit the CityCenter job site since I’m doing some design work there. Being that I’m primarily a crit and track racer there is only so much that today’s ride will benefit me. Today was my day for preparing dinner so  I was able to dedicate some time to making a good meal. Since were are on the SouthWest, I designed a southwestern meal. I made chicken, beef, and fish tacos with refried beans, mexican rice and coconut pudding for dessert. I also made a fresh guacamole and lots of fresh cut vegetables.

The guys didnt get back until late. It was over a 12 hour day for them. Man was I happy that I didnt go. They looked like they had been through hell. Apparantly the weather was miserable. 30+mph winds all day, plus climbing…no thanks. It was 5 hour ride. The ride cost some of the guys 4000+ calories. At my size, that ride would have cost me approx 5300 calories. Nothing good would have come out of this one for me, especially after the way I felt yesterday. Without a heavy backpack (which would have required a higher caloric expenditure) there is no way that I could have carried nearly enough food and drink to cover that calorie burn rate. The average daily caloric intake for most people is 2000-2500 calories. Good thing that I made lots of food. I expected everyone to be pretty hungry but nothing like what they really were. It was a long game of catch up. Most were still devouring food throughout the next day. A ride like that makes for a major calorie deficit that needs to be repaid.

Speaking of work capacity. Take a look at this video from an Allen Lim forum that CRCA had. He explains that the average run of the mill Tour de France rider weighing 70 kg is working 3500 calories everyday day for the 3 weeks of the tour. That equals approx 4500 calories for me.


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