Spring Series Finale Prospect Park

Apr 26th

This morning I was a little concerned about my hydration. I didn’t sleep so well last night. I made sure to drink a lot. In fact I downed a liter of water before bed. I only peed twice and it wasnt as clear as I expected. I guess I was more dehydrated than I thought. On the ride to the park my left hamstring was having light cramps. I made sure to down another bottle on the way to the start of the race as a precaution. The 1 hour ride to the race was a great warmup for my tired legs from the track yesterday.

We had a plan to make the race tough. We wanted to race aggressively and try to initiate some moves. I went up the road with two others on the first lap. It was short lived. One of the break companions was noticeably weak. The last thing that I wanted to do was kill myself in an early break with someone that expected to get dropped in 3 laps. So back to the pack I went. We had representation in every move that went up the road. The team did a great job communicating as well. This is something that we identified needing to improve. I spent a lot of energy moving around in the field to talk to the different guys on the team. While doing this I learned that it would be best that Chris be the sprinter today. I made a jump to improve my field position and my right quad completely seized up. So now I had a faulty right quad and left hamspring. On top of that, I dropped my chain twice and my gears were shifting oddly. It would be pretty selfish of me to try to claim the sprinter role.

On this course you need to be in the front third of the field with 2 laps to go. The back of the course is a fast downhill so you have to get into position by the top of the climb before the descent. I struggled badly on the climb. I was trying to get up to the front to be helpful to Chris but it wasnt going as well as I would have liked. I eventually made it to the front but never in a position to provide Chris a draft.

On the bell lap, Bill and Danny took the front with Chris in tow. It was a good formation. Bill and Danny really ramped it up nice. The only problem was that it was too early for Chris being in 3rd wheel. They kind of got lured going this early due to all of the attempts be others to jump off the front. Another team had 2 guys on Chris’ wheel. At this point I knew that I would have to sprint because Chris would end up being stuck with his nose in the wind way early. That is exactly what happened. Chris ended up being on the front with still at least 800m to go. We overtook another field 400m from the line (pretty dangerous). I heard a nasty crash behind us. I’m so thankful for Bill, Danny, and Chris’ leadout. It definitely kept us safe. Sitting 4th wheel, I was in perfect position to launch a winning sprint. The problem was that I had no power. I jumped as hard as I could and just tried to hold on to whatever place that I could get. It ended up being 7th.

Right after crossed the finish line I rolled into a little road of to the side of the race course. I tried to roll behind an ambulance that was sitting there. I didnt want anyone to see me. I never made it all the way to the ambulance because I couldnt pedal. I was in so much pain. I was wailing like a cow at the slaughterhouse. Vicious cramps in my left hamstring and both quads. This went on for like 5 minutes. Aaron saw me and rolled over. In between bursts of pain I eeked out a sentence here and there in my failed attempt to act like I was okay. He may not admit it, but I swear that he wanted to laugh. Later he said that he thought that I was gonna cry. My response was that I was crying, just no tears were coming out. After that I hung around for another hour in the hot sun with no water, and no food while waiting on guys arguing their results with promoter because the finishing camera failed…just what I needed more dehydration.

So I finished 7th, no complaints. Its been a good weekend. 1st, 3rd, and 7th…


Opening Weekend at the Track

Apr 25th

Yeah baby, its that time of year again. Track season is just beginning. Today was opening weekend at the track at the Kissena Velodrome. Today was the bold reminder of how bad track racing hurts. It was a beautiful day today, 85 and sunny. We had a huge turnout today. Lots of people lining up for some pain and suffering and plenty of funny. The track is like a picnic with pain mixed in. We all hang out in the infield in tents with coolers filled with food and drinks. There is jokes, laughter, and racing. My girlfriend Shira came out. My teammate Aaron came out to try the track for the first time. It was cool to meet new people. I was also able to hang out with my Crossfit buddies Luke and Alex and brand new Elements graduate, Darren.

The 1st event of the day was the Kilo. This is Chris Hoy doing the Kilo

The kilo is a 1000m all out time trial. It is just over a minute of bloody hell. You, bike and road going as fast as you can. I finished the kilo in 3rd place today. Not bad. I was happy with my time. I improved 2 seconds over last year. Last year I rode with a rear disc wheel. That counts for some additional speed that I didnt have this year.

The 2nd event was the Team Sprint. 3 guys, each rides a lap and then pulls off. My team was myself, Luke and Colin. We went 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Kilo so we expected to do well. This is the Dutch team versus the French in the Team Sprint

We won our Team Sprint. 1st place, yes!!!

The last race of the day was the Points Race. I was pretty fatigued by this time. I didnt do anything in this one. I was more interested in conserving myself for my race tomorrow morning. It had been 4 hours out there, less than 3 minutes were spent racing. The rest of the time is spent either warming up for a race or recovering for the next race while watching others race. Its amazing to think of how beat up you are after only 3 minutes of racing. It is reminiscent of how I felt after doing my first Crossfit workout. I thought how the hell did a 9 minute workout do this to me. Too bad I wont be able to do day two of the Omnium. I have other obligations in the afternoon. Instead I’ll be doing a road race in the morning.


Apr 21st

Today was a CF rest day. I decided to make up Angie since I missed it a couple of days ago.

100 each – pullups, pushups, situps, squats

I finished in 29:16. Angie is an arduous workout. As all of the regular readers know, I suck at pullups. With 100 reps to complete there is no hiding from them. I tried to maintain 5 reps at a time for the pullups and pushups. After about 50 reps of each, it broke down into 1, 2, or 3 reps at a time. At this point it was basically just about whatever I could manage. I did both the situps and squats 10 reps at a time. The squats started to hurt pretty quickly. My glutes and hips quickly reminded me of Saturday’s race, Sunday’s training ride, and Monday’s Back Squat workout.

After this one, I knew that I would be very sore in the next couple of days. My muscles were pretty beat up from head to toe. I’m already looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.

Back Squats & Food

…I call Bullshit

Apr 20th

Back Squats 5 sets of 3 reps, max weight

Now that I finally have an idea of what my 1 rep max is in back squats I was able to come into this workout with an idea of the weight that I wanted to use. After a few warmup sets, I did my work sets at 200, 220, 220, and 230lbs. I decided against the last set because I had a little pain in my right shoulder from a lack of flexibility while racking the barbell on my back. All in all I was happy with the workout.

I’ve had some recent conversations with some teammates about food. Cyclists are often trying to get themselves to an optimal bodyweight in order to be more efficient on the bike. I recently read a great article about food. Check out the link below. Its pretty simple and straight to the point.

Eat Real Food

Cherry Blossom Challenge – Branchbrook


Apr 18th

About 70 riders in the field today. 13 laps. At 10 laps to go, we had a prime. Right after the prime there were 6 guys dangling off the front of the field. They appeared like they were waiting to reintegrate back into the field. I was expecting that to happen too. For some stupid reason the field just slowed down. It looked like the 6 guys realized,”hey we’re in a break”. There was still quite a ways to go in the race. It was a long way out to attempt a breakaway. They quickly organized and had a nice advantage on the field. I tried to play off of some of the bigger teams efforts to chase them down. Unfortunately they really didnt work well together. I attacked the field with 4 others to try and bridge up to the break. We got a good gap from the field. Then all of a sudden they stopped cooperating. What the fuck???!!!! The crazy thing about it is that 2 of them were on the same team and they didnt have any representation in the group up the road. The field caught us. I figured that I would go back and recover and try to get away again in a lap or two. The next lap there would be a big crash in the field. I was going right at a fallen rider. It seemed as though I was moving in slow motion while thinking about how I would get myself out of this one. I grabbed a handful of brakes. I jumped out of my pedals just as I was about to run into his back. Some how I landed on my feet with one foot landing in the center of the triangle of his bike frame while holding my bike in the air. I wish that I could have seen a video of it. I’ll call it my Sven Nys tribute. I burned off half of my shoe cover while sliding across the asphalt in my shoes. I immediately jumped on my bike while thinking,”shit yeah, I’m gonna catch back to the field.” I clipped in a pedaled two strokes and realized that my front tire was blown. Fuck!! So much for my heroic chase back into the race. Game Over.

I was disappointed by hey, like they say,”thats bike racing.” Unfortunately I dont have a power file today. Again like a dumbass I let my SRM head unit die. The bad part about it is that I think that the battery needs to be replaced. That means about 2 weeks without any ride data. As an online forum poster explained,”losing your power meter is like losing a left nut.”…such a slave to technology. Move over Sven Nys. Now I will begin my Lance Armstrong tribute.


Apr 15th

Today was Helen
Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups

I did this workout last on Mar 4th. On that day I finished in 9:42. Today I finished in 9:45. I was hoping for a better time. We had to do the workout 2 at a time due to having only (2) 1.5pood kettlebells in the gym. So I missed the competitive edge of having a bunch of people doing the workout at the same time. Today was pretty tough on my forearms. My forearms were taking a beating during the pullups. Otherwise I felt good. I gotta beat 9:42 next time.


Apr 14th

I was a little drowsy today. Must be the SAD. It was dark, gloomy and rainy today. I decided on CFE tonight. Last night while doing deadlifts with Craig and Ryan I joked that it was probably a bad idea since with our luck we’d have a tough CF workout the next day. Well low and behold todays CF workout was 5 rounds for time of:
155 pound Deadlift, 12 reps
155 pound Hang power clean, 9 reps
155 pound Push jerk, 6 reps

My back would be happy with a rest day so I passed on CF. My CFE workout was

90 sec on, 1 min off, 90 sec on, 45 sec off, 90 sec on, 30 sec off, 90 sec on, 15 sec off, 90 sec on, 30 sec off, 90 sec on, 45 sec off, 90 sec on. All out efforts.

My efforts were as follows:
436w 149bpm 98rpm
417w 151bpm 95rpm
420w 156bpm 96rpm
388w 161bpm 93rpm
359w 166bpm 97rpm
387w 164bpm 92rpm
376w 162bpm 91rpm

It was tough trying to figure out how hard to go. 90 sec is weird duration. I had an idea of what i can do for 60 sec for repeats but 90 sec is 50% more. Gotta go hard but not blow up. I’m sure that I could have gone harder. I feel like I say that often but I guess you learn more about your abilities when you try something new. 90sec repeats is new for me. My 90sec max from Sunday’s race was 515 watts. With that in mind I should definitely be able to do at least 400 watts for each repeat. I was never really gassed. The major effect was just the pain in my legs from the efforts.

On another note, I saw the dumbest thing last night. Some clown on the subway had regular jeans on with the legs wrapped tight around his legs and pinned with safety pins. WTF. DIY skinny jeans? Am I just getting old and clueless? Or was he just a douchebag? Riding the L in Brooklyn you see some of the dumbest shit. With that said, I’ll leave you with one of my new favorite websites