Saddle Sores

soreApr 1

If it aint one thing then its bound to be another…
New season and already I’m having saddle sore issues. I went out for a short ride with my teammate David last night. He had to do some efforts. I just wanted to ride light recovery. I felt early on that I was a little tender on the bike. I aggravated and old saddle sore during Saturday’s race. I hoped that a couple of days off would heal me up. Not true. Last night as the ride went on the discomfort increased. A day later and I’m still sore. The timing is not so good. But then again is it ever a good time. I have to try to find a dermatologist to see what they say. I suspect that a bad saddle sore that I had years ago never healed properly. Each time I have a problem its in the same damn place. Hopefully I can get fixed and back on the bike in a week or so. I spoke about doing this during the off season. But as they say, outta sight, outta mind. It didnt bother me then. It didnt begin to rear its ugly until I went to training camp and really upped the volume.



  1. Dude, no bike for you! At least until you are totally healed! I’ll bet you one Nancy that is what the dermo tells you.

  2. Rus, you’re probably right. We’ll see how it goes. I plan to race tomorrow. I still havent found a doc. Our healthcare industry is such a tangled web.

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