Apr 3rd


Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps

I’ve decided that I wouldn’t do the Club Race tomorrow morning so that I can allow my saddle sore to heal better. So today became a Crossfit day. Today’s workout was Nancy. This will be my first time doing overhead squats with weight. I’ve done a bit on the mechanics of the movement but never with a loaded bar. Putting my ego aside, I opted to scale down to 85lbs. I started quite strongly. My early runs were great. I did the first 2 sets of squats unbroken. The 3rd round was split 7 and 8 reps. The last two were broken into sets of 5 or whatever I could do. My late rounds slowed down dramatically. My last run was probably like 3 mins long. Man those overhead squats are tough. They are a core and shoulder killer. I’m happy that I did the work out. It beat me up pretty good. I was surprised at how much I was fatigued. I finished in 18:34. It was a bit slower than I anticipated but it was my first time so hay. Fellow track racer, Luke, killed it today. He finished in around 14 and half minutes.


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