Apr 5th

Yesterday I hopped on the trainer for a half hour to see how the legs and the saddle sore felt. My legs were still aching from Friday’s Nancy workout. I did a quick 30 mins at around 220 watts. I threw in one quick 30 sec seated sprint for good measure (776 watts).

This morning we went to race at Floyd Bennett Field. As usual it was super windy. The trip there was hectic. There was some road construction which delayed us. We had 6 guys set for the race but only 3 of us raced. 3 missed the start after having delays on the way to the course. The winds were tough. I guess we had some wind left over from yesterday. Yesterday, there was 45 mph wind gusts. This kept the field pretty uninterested in pushing the pace. Everyone was pretty passive. Lots of accelerations and decelerations. It was also a nasty day of racing. Tons of flats, mechanicals and crashes.

It was a 15 lap race. At about halfway through a group jumped off the front. I was in the field conserving for the sprint. I watched the group go off and just waited to see how they would ride. There was a few failed attempts during the race. The winds quickly neutralized many people that attempted to breakaway. I saw that this particular group was not working together initially. I didnt want to get caught out in the wind with a group that was not cooperating. They dangled in front of us for a few laps. Then all of a sudden they started getting it together. Another team had 2 guys in the break and 3 in the field blocking. At one point there were 3 guys in a chase group up the road. I tried to get across to them. Unfortunately the whole field was stuck to my ass though I did catch them. Later I jumped off the front to bridge to a group that I thought was splintered off of the original breakaway group. I never made it. There were 3 of us working together. 2 of them popped. Once I realized it, I was alone out in the wind. So I kept at it. On the 3rd leg of the course the winds were worse. The field caught me. Once they caught me they slowed down. This increased the breakaway gap substantially.

There was 4 laps to go. At this point I knew that game was over. I sat in the field to recover for the sprint. I thought that I would be able to get at least a top ten finish. On the stretch before the final turn, my teammate Sean went to the front to lead me out. He was looking back for me. I didnt want to be right on his wheel because I had a different plan. I allowed a Western Union guy to take his wheel. Approx 50m before the turn I attacked hard. I yelled to Sean to “shut it down” as I was passing him. Once through the turn I just put my head down and trucked it to the line. I won the field sprint by like 100m. Unfortunately I will never know my result. The promoter only counted 8 places deep. I had no idea that 8 people were ahead of the field. I still dont believe it.

During the race, there were guys that reintegrated after being dropped. Our field mixed with dropped riders from another race going on on the course. Others reintegrated after mechanicals and flats. We even had a guy that just popped up out of the bushes and jumped in our field. I even witnessed some other weird things going on in the races after ours. So I guess I will never find out truly how I finished. I’m happy with my numbers. It was a good race for training. I felt good.

Time 1 hour 34 mins
Norm Power 299 watts
Final Sprint 1390watts peak, 50 secs at 629 watts avg


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