Apr 8th

3×5 min intervals w/3min recovery between rounds

In my head I wanted to make sure that I did the 5 min intervals at a minimum of 350 watts. I did a quick 10 min warmup. Today I rode while watching a video from www.thesufferfest.com It was great. I’ll be using their stuff more often. It definitely makes riding the trainer more entertaining. Riding the trainer definitely needs help in the entertaining department. I found the link to the Sufferfest on David Pouncy’s blog. Thanks man!

My results:
1st interval – 360watts, 162bpm, 91rpm
2nd interval – 353watts, 165bpm, 90rpm
3rd interval – 350watts, 167bpm, 88rpm

I felt good. My 1st interval was a breeze. 2nd was okay. I was having a little difficulty keeping the power up in the beginning of the 3rd one. All in all it was a good workout. I’m feeling really good on the bike right now. Lets hope this feeling carries through the weekend’s races.


Does anyone out use Windows Vista 64bit with Cyclingpeaks? It is nothing but problems. Vista sucks. I have to attempt to download files from my SRM multiple times before its successful. 9 times out of 10 it crashes into the blue screen of death and then I have to restart and try again.

I’d like to share with you the best interview that I’ve read in a long time. Velocity Nation interviews Michael Ashenden about doping in sports and Lance Armstrong…better than 60 minutes


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  1. Hey – Thanks for mentioning The Sufferfest! Glad you liked it! Cheers, David, TheSufferfest.com

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