Crossfit Total

Apr 10th

Crossfit Total
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

You get 3 attempts at each exercise to hit a max and then you add up the weight to determine your “Crossfit Total”. The Crossfit Total is designed to be a test of absolute strength.

This was my first time doing the back squat and deadlift for a single rep max. I did the shoulder press for a single rep max just a couple of days ago. In my head I wanted to shoot for bodyweight in the squat and 1.5 times bodyweight in the deadlift.

Back Squat
I did 200, 220, and 250. I learned that I could have gone quite a bit heavier. It’ll have to wait until next time.

Shoulder Press
140, 145, 150. These were a struggle. My shoulders are still a bit fatigued from the shoulder press, push press, push jerk workout just a couple of days ago.

I did 315, 335, 385. I felt great during the deadlifts. Next time I will go harder earlier. I attempted an extra set at 405 but failed. I’ll get it next time.

It was great to do this workout to see where I stand. I now have a good gauge on where I can start my attempts the next time that I encounter this workout. My total was 785 lbs. I’m setting a goal of 835 lbs on my next encounter with this workout. I’ll shoot for a 275 squat, 155 press, and 405 deadlift.

Of the entire workout, I’m most happy to have done the deadlifts. I had been wanting to spend some time doing deadlifts. This workout was right on time. Below is an exerpt that I recently read on about deadlifts and cycling.

“The deadlift
The deadlift is arguably the single most productive resistance training exercise there is. Cyclists with little time for strength training can benefit from the deadlift activating several muscles per movement — including the forearms/gripping muscles, core stabilizers, lats, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and upper, mid and lower back.

More importantly, the deadlift is perhaps the best posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes) exercise possible, which is significant for health and performance in cyclists.

From a health standpoint, allowing the quadriceps to dominate over the hamstrings while pedaling — common for cyclists — is a big risk factor for knee pain. Additionally, research has shown that elite cyclists recruit about eight percent more glutes while pedaling than their novice counterparts.

Deadlifts also strengthen the thoracic erectors, upper-back muscles that keep us more upright and pain-free from shoulder and neck problems due to poor posture.”


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