Row, Burp, Run

Apr 13

Today was a Crossfit rest day. I went to the Brooklyn Box to do a makeup WOD. I wanted to do the workout that I missed on Saturday. This one looked to be a cardio killer. I was excited.

3 rounds for time
500m row
21 burpees
400m run

After seeing some of the finishing times on the New York site I told myself that I wanted to finish sub 18 minutes. I ended up finishing sub 15 minutes. I finished in 14:57.

I was quite happy with that. I think that if I had done the workout with others, I would have gone a bit harder. Its more of a challenge doing these types of workouts by yourself. It is similar to getting your best power numbers during a race instead by yourself on the trainer.

Afterwards I joined Craig and Ryan for some heavy deadlift singles. I joined at 275lbs and we did 1 rep sets up to 375 lbs. I felt great today.

Hopefully this film will help you to get some inspiration for your workouts. It goes to show that you can be resourceful and find things to workout with anywhere


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