Spring Series Race – Central Park


Apr 12th

So we had 7 guys today in the race. I felt good. I was well rested. Yesterday I didnt do shit. It was raining all day and I got lazy. I had planned on going out to the track but when its raining there is no track. The race was way too short only 4 laps of Central Park. Not long enough to have a Darwin effect to weed the weaker riders out of the pack. After a number of attempts we couldnt initiate a successful break.

The run up to the sprint was chaotic. It was probably the craziest sprint that I’ve ever been in. Lots of wheel crossing, bumping, yelling, etc. The problem was that the front of the field was full of sprinters and nonsprinters thinking that this was the day that they would become a sprinter. The field orbed down the road like a giant ameoba. Fast, slow, fast, slow. On the slight downhill before the uphill finish I was boxed in on my left side. There was an opening up the left side to the front of the group. In a situation like that with 300 meters to the line it is okay to eat some wind if it is the only chance that you have to get to the front. I was yelling at the guys to my left to take that hole shot. He was too scared to get out of the draft. I ended up shoulder checking him out of the way and took that line up a few spots. Soon after that I wedged myself through a hole probably too small for me to get through. I made it though. My first jump was spent in a full on body to body lean against the guy next to me. I immediately had memories of doing bumping drills with the team at camp.

A second later, we noticed a big box truck in the right lane of the 2 lane road leading into the sprint. Oh shit. At this point I knew that I had to jump. I told myself,”if I dont jump now, I’ll never get a chance because the field is going to swerve to the left away from the truck.” So I jumped. I was way over geared. I lost quite a bit of momentum during the football drills at the run up into the sprint. My initial cadence was only 88 rpm. My max was like 115 rpm. Typically I would start a sprint at like 115 rpm and max at 130-140rpm. I wish I could see a photo of myself. I was bearing my teeth super hard trying to turn over that gear. Looking back at my race file, I was doing 110-115 rpm just going up Harlem Hill on each lap.

I finished in 7th place. Not horrible but not great. I hoped to do much better. I’ll have to save it for next time. Its my 4th race of the season. Its my 2nd top ten. Gotta start changing the results to top fives.

Time 59:57
Norm Power 312 watts
Max Power 1503 watts


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