Cherry Blossom Challenge – Branchbrook


Apr 18th

About 70 riders in the field today. 13 laps. At 10 laps to go, we had a prime. Right after the prime there were 6 guys dangling off the front of the field. They appeared like they were waiting to reintegrate back into the field. I was expecting that to happen too. For some stupid reason the field just slowed down. It looked like the 6 guys realized,”hey we’re in a break”. There was still quite a ways to go in the race. It was a long way out to attempt a breakaway. They quickly organized and had a nice advantage on the field. I tried to play off of some of the bigger teams efforts to chase them down. Unfortunately they really didnt work well together. I attacked the field with 4 others to try and bridge up to the break. We got a good gap from the field. Then all of a sudden they stopped cooperating. What the fuck???!!!! The crazy thing about it is that 2 of them were on the same team and they didnt have any representation in the group up the road. The field caught us. I figured that I would go back and recover and try to get away again in a lap or two. The next lap there would be a big crash in the field. I was going right at a fallen rider. It seemed as though I was moving in slow motion while thinking about how I would get myself out of this one. I grabbed a handful of brakes. I jumped out of my pedals just as I was about to run into his back. Some how I landed on my feet with one foot landing in the center of the triangle of his bike frame while holding my bike in the air. I wish that I could have seen a video of it. I’ll call it my Sven Nys tribute. I burned off half of my shoe cover while sliding across the asphalt in my shoes. I immediately jumped on my bike while thinking,”shit yeah, I’m gonna catch back to the field.” I clipped in a pedaled two strokes and realized that my front tire was blown. Fuck!! So much for my heroic chase back into the race. Game Over.

I was disappointed by hey, like they say,”thats bike racing.” Unfortunately I dont have a power file today. Again like a dumbass I let my SRM head unit die. The bad part about it is that I think that the battery needs to be replaced. That means about 2 weeks without any ride data. As an online forum poster explained,”losing your power meter is like losing a left nut.”…such a slave to technology. Move over Sven Nys. Now I will begin my Lance Armstrong tribute.


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