Opening Weekend at the Track

Apr 25th

Yeah baby, its that time of year again. Track season is just beginning. Today was opening weekend at the track at the Kissena Velodrome. Today was the bold reminder of how bad track racing hurts. It was a beautiful day today, 85 and sunny. We had a huge turnout today. Lots of people lining up for some pain and suffering and plenty of funny. The track is like a picnic with pain mixed in. We all hang out in the infield in tents with coolers filled with food and drinks. There is jokes, laughter, and racing. My girlfriend Shira came out. My teammate Aaron came out to try the track for the first time. It was cool to meet new people. I was also able to hang out with my Crossfit buddies Luke and Alex and brand new Elements graduate, Darren.

The 1st event of the day was the Kilo. This is Chris Hoy doing the Kilo

The kilo is a 1000m all out time trial. It is just over a minute of bloody hell. You, bike and road going as fast as you can. I finished the kilo in 3rd place today. Not bad. I was happy with my time. I improved 2 seconds over last year. Last year I rode with a rear disc wheel. That counts for some additional speed that I didnt have this year.

The 2nd event was the Team Sprint. 3 guys, each rides a lap and then pulls off. My team was myself, Luke and Colin. We went 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Kilo so we expected to do well. This is the Dutch team versus the French in the Team Sprint

We won our Team Sprint. 1st place, yes!!!

The last race of the day was the Points Race. I was pretty fatigued by this time. I didnt do anything in this one. I was more interested in conserving myself for my race tomorrow morning. It had been 4 hours out there, less than 3 minutes were spent racing. The rest of the time is spent either warming up for a race or recovering for the next race while watching others race. Its amazing to think of how beat up you are after only 3 minutes of racing. It is reminiscent of how I felt after doing my first Crossfit workout. I thought how the hell did a 9 minute workout do this to me. Too bad I wont be able to do day two of the Omnium. I have other obligations in the afternoon. Instead I’ll be doing a road race in the morning.


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