Row, Burp, Run

Apr 13

Today was a Crossfit rest day. I went to the Brooklyn Box to do a makeup WOD. I wanted to do the workout that I missed on Saturday. This one looked to be a cardio killer. I was excited.

3 rounds for time
500m row
21 burpees
400m run

After seeing some of the finishing times on the New York site I told myself that I wanted to finish sub 18 minutes. I ended up finishing sub 15 minutes. I finished in 14:57.

I was quite happy with that. I think that if I had done the workout with others, I would have gone a bit harder. Its more of a challenge doing these types of workouts by yourself. It is similar to getting your best power numbers during a race instead by yourself on the trainer.

Afterwards I joined Craig and Ryan for some heavy deadlift singles. I joined at 275lbs and we did 1 rep sets up to 375 lbs. I felt great today.

Hopefully this film will help you to get some inspiration for your workouts. It goes to show that you can be resourceful and find things to workout with anywhere


Spring Series Race – Central Park


Apr 12th

So we had 7 guys today in the race. I felt good. I was well rested. Yesterday I didnt do shit. It was raining all day and I got lazy. I had planned on going out to the track but when its raining there is no track. The race was way too short only 4 laps of Central Park. Not long enough to have a Darwin effect to weed the weaker riders out of the pack. After a number of attempts we couldnt initiate a successful break.

The run up to the sprint was chaotic. It was probably the craziest sprint that I’ve ever been in. Lots of wheel crossing, bumping, yelling, etc. The problem was that the front of the field was full of sprinters and nonsprinters thinking that this was the day that they would become a sprinter. The field orbed down the road like a giant ameoba. Fast, slow, fast, slow. On the slight downhill before the uphill finish I was boxed in on my left side. There was an opening up the left side to the front of the group. In a situation like that with 300 meters to the line it is okay to eat some wind if it is the only chance that you have to get to the front. I was yelling at the guys to my left to take that hole shot. He was too scared to get out of the draft. I ended up shoulder checking him out of the way and took that line up a few spots. Soon after that I wedged myself through a hole probably too small for me to get through. I made it though. My first jump was spent in a full on body to body lean against the guy next to me. I immediately had memories of doing bumping drills with the team at camp.

A second later, we noticed a big box truck in the right lane of the 2 lane road leading into the sprint. Oh shit. At this point I knew that I had to jump. I told myself,”if I dont jump now, I’ll never get a chance because the field is going to swerve to the left away from the truck.” So I jumped. I was way over geared. I lost quite a bit of momentum during the football drills at the run up into the sprint. My initial cadence was only 88 rpm. My max was like 115 rpm. Typically I would start a sprint at like 115 rpm and max at 130-140rpm. I wish I could see a photo of myself. I was bearing my teeth super hard trying to turn over that gear. Looking back at my race file, I was doing 110-115 rpm just going up Harlem Hill on each lap.

I finished in 7th place. Not horrible but not great. I hoped to do much better. I’ll have to save it for next time. Its my 4th race of the season. Its my 2nd top ten. Gotta start changing the results to top fives.

Time 59:57
Norm Power 312 watts
Max Power 1503 watts

Crossfit Total

Apr 10th

Crossfit Total
Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

You get 3 attempts at each exercise to hit a max and then you add up the weight to determine your “Crossfit Total”. The Crossfit Total is designed to be a test of absolute strength.

This was my first time doing the back squat and deadlift for a single rep max. I did the shoulder press for a single rep max just a couple of days ago. In my head I wanted to shoot for bodyweight in the squat and 1.5 times bodyweight in the deadlift.

Back Squat
I did 200, 220, and 250. I learned that I could have gone quite a bit heavier. It’ll have to wait until next time.

Shoulder Press
140, 145, 150. These were a struggle. My shoulders are still a bit fatigued from the shoulder press, push press, push jerk workout just a couple of days ago.

I did 315, 335, 385. I felt great during the deadlifts. Next time I will go harder earlier. I attempted an extra set at 405 but failed. I’ll get it next time.

It was great to do this workout to see where I stand. I now have a good gauge on where I can start my attempts the next time that I encounter this workout. My total was 785 lbs. I’m setting a goal of 835 lbs on my next encounter with this workout. I’ll shoot for a 275 squat, 155 press, and 405 deadlift.

Of the entire workout, I’m most happy to have done the deadlifts. I had been wanting to spend some time doing deadlifts. This workout was right on time. Below is an exerpt that I recently read on about deadlifts and cycling.

“The deadlift
The deadlift is arguably the single most productive resistance training exercise there is. Cyclists with little time for strength training can benefit from the deadlift activating several muscles per movement — including the forearms/gripping muscles, core stabilizers, lats, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and upper, mid and lower back.

More importantly, the deadlift is perhaps the best posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes) exercise possible, which is significant for health and performance in cyclists.

From a health standpoint, allowing the quadriceps to dominate over the hamstrings while pedaling — common for cyclists — is a big risk factor for knee pain. Additionally, research has shown that elite cyclists recruit about eight percent more glutes while pedaling than their novice counterparts.

Deadlifts also strengthen the thoracic erectors, upper-back muscles that keep us more upright and pain-free from shoulder and neck problems due to poor posture.”


Apr 8th

3×5 min intervals w/3min recovery between rounds

In my head I wanted to make sure that I did the 5 min intervals at a minimum of 350 watts. I did a quick 10 min warmup. Today I rode while watching a video from It was great. I’ll be using their stuff more often. It definitely makes riding the trainer more entertaining. Riding the trainer definitely needs help in the entertaining department. I found the link to the Sufferfest on David Pouncy’s blog. Thanks man!

My results:
1st interval – 360watts, 162bpm, 91rpm
2nd interval – 353watts, 165bpm, 90rpm
3rd interval – 350watts, 167bpm, 88rpm

I felt good. My 1st interval was a breeze. 2nd was okay. I was having a little difficulty keeping the power up in the beginning of the 3rd one. All in all it was a good workout. I’m feeling really good on the bike right now. Lets hope this feeling carries through the weekend’s races.


Does anyone out use Windows Vista 64bit with Cyclingpeaks? It is nothing but problems. Vista sucks. I have to attempt to download files from my SRM multiple times before its successful. 9 times out of 10 it crashes into the blue screen of death and then I have to restart and try again.

I’d like to share with you the best interview that I’ve read in a long time. Velocity Nation interviews Michael Ashenden about doping in sports and Lance Armstrong…better than 60 minutes


Apr 7th

Todays CF workout
Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Usually I skip these types of workouts when they come up. I’d often rather do some bike work. This time I did the workout because my legs would love a day off. This was the first time doing these exercises at max weight. I’m happy to say that I completed the workout. I learned a lot about myself. Now I have an idea of my abilities in the shoulder strength department. My loads were as follows:
Shoulder Press – 1 rep – 115, 135, 145, 150 (fail), 155 lbs
Push Press – 3 reps – 145, 145, 140, 155, 160 lbs
Push Jerk – 5 reps – 135, 145, 145, 165, 175 (4 reps), 185 (1 rep)

The shoulder press was tough. My long range of motion is a limiter. I could have gone heavier on the Push Press and Push Jerk. I got more confident as I continued. I was getting much better and engaging a powerful hip extension to get the weight up. I even opted for an extra set of the Push Jerks with an attempt at 185.

On another note check out this great clip of a documentary on the 1972 Olympics. For you sprinters out there, check out the guy doing plyo hops through the gym and up the stairs. Pretty fuckin sick…


Apr 6th

30:20 x 8 rounds, 30 seconds on 20 seconds off, all out effort!

So my hips, glutes, and various muscles in my legs are still beat up from Nancy and Sunday’s race. Today’s CF workout required 600ft of walking lunges as part of the workout. I opted for a bike workout since the lunges would’ve killed my legs more. I kept this workout quick because I was short on time. I warmed up for 10 mins then let the pain begin. My 30 sec efforts were as follows:
583 watts
554 watts
508 watts
475 watts
452 watts
458 watts
473 watts
460 watts

This is my first time doing 30 sec efforts with only 20 sec of rest. My legs were super swollen after this one. They were already swollen before I started. The workout brought them to the point of feeling like my skin was gonna rip. I got the work in and was off the bike in 22 mins. CFE is making trainer workouts enjoyable. Short and to the point


Apr 5th

Yesterday I hopped on the trainer for a half hour to see how the legs and the saddle sore felt. My legs were still aching from Friday’s Nancy workout. I did a quick 30 mins at around 220 watts. I threw in one quick 30 sec seated sprint for good measure (776 watts).

This morning we went to race at Floyd Bennett Field. As usual it was super windy. The trip there was hectic. There was some road construction which delayed us. We had 6 guys set for the race but only 3 of us raced. 3 missed the start after having delays on the way to the course. The winds were tough. I guess we had some wind left over from yesterday. Yesterday, there was 45 mph wind gusts. This kept the field pretty uninterested in pushing the pace. Everyone was pretty passive. Lots of accelerations and decelerations. It was also a nasty day of racing. Tons of flats, mechanicals and crashes.

It was a 15 lap race. At about halfway through a group jumped off the front. I was in the field conserving for the sprint. I watched the group go off and just waited to see how they would ride. There was a few failed attempts during the race. The winds quickly neutralized many people that attempted to breakaway. I saw that this particular group was not working together initially. I didnt want to get caught out in the wind with a group that was not cooperating. They dangled in front of us for a few laps. Then all of a sudden they started getting it together. Another team had 2 guys in the break and 3 in the field blocking. At one point there were 3 guys in a chase group up the road. I tried to get across to them. Unfortunately the whole field was stuck to my ass though I did catch them. Later I jumped off the front to bridge to a group that I thought was splintered off of the original breakaway group. I never made it. There were 3 of us working together. 2 of them popped. Once I realized it, I was alone out in the wind. So I kept at it. On the 3rd leg of the course the winds were worse. The field caught me. Once they caught me they slowed down. This increased the breakaway gap substantially.

There was 4 laps to go. At this point I knew that game was over. I sat in the field to recover for the sprint. I thought that I would be able to get at least a top ten finish. On the stretch before the final turn, my teammate Sean went to the front to lead me out. He was looking back for me. I didnt want to be right on his wheel because I had a different plan. I allowed a Western Union guy to take his wheel. Approx 50m before the turn I attacked hard. I yelled to Sean to “shut it down” as I was passing him. Once through the turn I just put my head down and trucked it to the line. I won the field sprint by like 100m. Unfortunately I will never know my result. The promoter only counted 8 places deep. I had no idea that 8 people were ahead of the field. I still dont believe it.

During the race, there were guys that reintegrated after being dropped. Our field mixed with dropped riders from another race going on on the course. Others reintegrated after mechanicals and flats. We even had a guy that just popped up out of the bushes and jumped in our field. I even witnessed some other weird things going on in the races after ours. So I guess I will never find out truly how I finished. I’m happy with my numbers. It was a good race for training. I felt good.

Time 1 hour 34 mins
Norm Power 299 watts
Final Sprint 1390watts peak, 50 secs at 629 watts avg