May 31st

Don’t Hate Me ‘Cuz I’m Beautiful


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump, 24 inch box
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

What a beast of a workout. This Kelly is ugly, really ugly. I was contemplating whether or not I should make today a pure training day on the bike. I initially planned on racing this morning. I opted out of the that because this week really drained me and I needed the extra sleep. Getting up at 5am for a race would have drained me even more. Once I saw this workout listed on the website, I knew exactly what I would be doing today. This workout would be like a hard crit on course with a power climb in it. I would ride for about 45 mins on the way to and from the Box for the workout. The rides would simulate the easier parts of a race and the workout would simulate the hard part of a race. The workout was perfect. 400m runs would be like riding tempo. Good pacing was necessary. This helps to reinforce the principle of recovering while working. It hurts but feels good compared to the rest of the race course. The 30 box jumps would be like a long sprint or a hard attack to bridge to a breakaway. Plyos are the magic ingredient for a good sprint. The proof is in the pudding my sprint went from 1490 to 1736 watts since starting CF. 30 wall ball shots, yuck. This would simulate the power climb on the course. Low cadence, seated and standing, full body effort to propel the bike over the climb. Mind you this is right after bridging to the break. It hurt like hell, just like a hard race. Once cresting the top of the climb there was a slight descent (the walk/run back outside). Once outside, it was back to the 400m run (riding tempo, recovering while working).

This was a beast. I may have mentioned that already. Either way you need to really understand. This was a beast of a workout. By round 3 I was starting to feel it. Rounds 4 and 5 were really tough. There were times when I just zoned out and focused on the task at hand. I came in from the runs angry at the plyo box. I just wanted to stomp on its face. I wish that I could’ve been more angry at the wall ball shots. Me and Mr Wall Ball Shots fought a bitter battle.

In the end I finished in 29:54. I was guessing that I would finish around 30 mins. I was right under it, happy to be done. It took a good 10mins for me to fully recover. I drank (2) 24 oz bottles of water. I sweat profusely. My quads were cooked. When I got home I was happy that I chose to ride my bike for another 45 mins post workout. It made me feel so much better. Great day!

Video of Wall Ball shots if youre unfamiliar. They look a lot easier than they are.



May 28th

5 min on/5 min off, 4 min on/4 min off, 3 min on/3 min off, 2 min on/2 min off, 1 min on/1 min off

It was raining today but I wanted to ride the bike to see how my legs were. Answer: blah. I felt like blah on the bike today. I did the 5,4,3,2,1 workout. The numbers werent too bad. 420watts, 366, 373, 372, 484 for each interval. I was surprised by the bit of soreness from yesterday’s lack of a workout


May 27th

Well today was a CF rest day. I felt the urge to do the Crossfit Total today. Bad idea. My body was having none of it. I did a couple warmup sets for the squat and felt ridiculously weak. I learned quickly that today would best be an “Intelligent Workout” (ie. rest). Instead I stayed to support Craig as he was doing the Total. Hell, I was the one who talked him into doing it and then I backed out. I did join in a few deadlifts. A few reps up to 365lbs and then I called it quits. I would have loved to do more but it was a bad idea. The body’s tired…the brain must listen. Residual fatigue from the weekend’s racing and Memorial Day partying + work stress is overflowing.

Hartford Crit

May 24th

Good sized field, nice day. Again I was feeling like shit. I’ve been torn between two lives this weekend. A social partying life and a responsible athlete’s life. I havent been partying but I have had a couple of beers each night this weekend. I’ve also been staying up much later than usual. I think the big problem is the fact that I’ve taken sleeping pills each night to ensure that I sleep through the entire night. I’ve been having horrible sleep during the last 2 weeks. Probably due to work stress. So I’ve waken up a bit dopey each morning unable to truly wake up.

I kept good field position today. Conserved energy. I got myself in a good position with 10 laps to go. There was a lot of moves going off the front. Today was a tougher race. At the end, I just didnt have the legs to keep my position. I was fighting my way up the peloton on each of the last few laps. I hit my hardest effort with 4 mins to go in the race. This is when I was attacking up the side of the field to get a better spot in the field. When bell lap came, I had no chance of getting near the front so I just rolled in and called it a good workout

Stafford Springs Crit

May 23rd

Fast race. I felt like shit during the morning and wasnt too excited about racing. Had a little warmup and then off we went. I started feeling better as the race went on. I kept good position in the pack to conserve my energy. I knew which wheel I wanted to have. It was the team that was sponsoring the race and they had a big group in the field. With a few laps to go, I was there on the wheel that I wanted. I fought for position because things were getting hectic in the last couple of laps. With 2 to go, a guy clipped his pedal on a turn and I had to swerve to avoid him. Just like that, I lost like 10 positions. I lost a couple more in the fight through the turns for the finale. I had to take a long outside line for the sprint. I launched my sprint but was only good for 14th place. I hate finishing a race feeling great like I had more in the tank. My sprint was good. I’m confident that I could have done much better had I been in a better position. But thats how it goes sometimes…

Manville Crit

May 22nd

Three of us ventured out to do the Manville Crit. It was me, Chris and Stoffel. The course is a pretty square 4 corner. There was a slight rise on the back leg and slight decline on the front leg. The other two sides are pretty flat. The road surface was pretty rough with many bumps, cracks and holes. Each corner had different obstacles. There were storm drains, manhole covers, and patches of freshly installed pavement that was covered with dust and grit. This new pavement was soft because it was really hot out. There was plenty to be on the lookout for. A little mistake here or there could spell a painful end to your race. This was the conclusion for a number of the participants. The paramedics were kept pretty busy. We saw the first casualties just a couple of laps into the race. The pace was really fast from the gun. Between the speed and the makeup of the course, we were stretched out single file for much of the race. We had a few neutral laps while bodies were being carted away in the ambulance. Even during the neutral laps it seemed like we were moving at a decent clip. Between the crashes and guys cracking, a good chunk of the field was out of the race before the race finished. I was one of them.

I think that the high temperature had a negative effect on me. My heartrate was 155bpm just standing at the start line. A thorough warmup would probably have been helpful too. My warmup was pretty brief. I started near the back and worked up to a good position in the field. At about 2/3rds of the way through the race, I exploded. I cracked and fell backwards through the pack. My legs were having no more of this pain. I tagged on to the back but couldnt hang on for long. I popped and fell through many other stragglers that were trying to hang on for dear life.

The race was won by some guy from the Type 1 amateur team. This guy was a beast. He attacked the field solo. At one point during the race he had a minute on the field. When his gap was at its largest he would begin a leg of the course while the field was just leaving it. With the pace he was pushing, he would have lapped the field if the race was longer.

My teammate Stoffel attacked solo for 2nd place. He looked amazing today. At one point he had near 30 seconds on the field. He got a well earned podium finish today.

After them there was 2 guys that sprinted to the line. The rest of the remaining field sprinted as best they could. It was more like, they limped across the line just happy for it to be over.

After looking at my power file it is very clear about how difficult the race was. I added a gridline at 800 watts for reference. I went over 800 watts 19 times in less than 30 minutes. Thats madness. Big props to those that did well here.

Click on the image below


New Sprint Max


May 17th

Unfortunately I missed another weekend of racing. Its now 3 weeks since I’ve raced. I couldnt get a ride out to today’s races in Long Island. So this afternoon a few of us went out for a quick ride to Piermont and back. I felt very good on the bike, quite powerful. We didnt go very hard today. I took a few big pulls at the front of the group just to see how I felt. Today would have been a race day so I wanted to see if my race prep during the week would have been adequate. My pulls were between 1 and 3 minutes and averaged around 380 – 450 watts. Not bad. The state line between New York and New Jersey is a regular spot for a sprint during training rides. As we were heading towards it I was looking bad to see if Aaron or Chris was going to try to jump early. It didnt seem that like was going to happen. Though while looking back I saw that a car was coming up behind us. The great thing was that the car was passing us at exactly the right time. I timed my sprint to be right behind the car to get a good draft.

It was a long sprint but fast. It turned out to be just under 20 secs. long. My form was a little off. I was a bit more forward on the bike that usual. I often see pros sprint this way. The benefit is that I can leverage more of my body weight over the pedals. The drawback is that my rear wheel was skidding like a hot rod with a big ass engine in the front. In fact I had a flat later in the ride. And what do you know, there was a big flap that burned right through the tire clear through the wire casing. That leads me to another inquiry. How much torque is a lot of torque for bike parts? I have a pair of American Classic Hurricanes. These are the strongest wheels that they make. They are quite an impressive wheelset. I have only had them for around 6 months. Unfortunately the rear hub body is already dying. I had it serviced two weeks ago by a mechanic that told me to send it back to the company for replacement. My max torque during the sprint was 1506 in-lbs. That has to be pretty high for these parts to handle. It that is the torque experienced during a big sprint it is also experiencing some big torque repeatedly during other efforts. The kind of workouts that I’ve been doing this season cant be nice to my bike. Its mostly been sprints and short hard repeated efforts. Anyone else having these issues with parts? I’d love to hear from you. I’ve always had issues with bike parts but this one was somewhat unexpected since the wheels are pretty new.

Ride duration 1:33 281 watts norm
Sprint 1736 watts max
20 sec average 1267 watts
10 sec average 1519 watts
5 sec average 1672 watts