Daily Double

May 6th

Morning – I had an extra hour today before work so I chose to do a bike workout in the morning. My body was still a little tired from last weeks Tabata workout, man it killed me. So this morning’s CFE workout was 4 x 5mins with 3 mins rest. Unfortunately I was only able to get 3 of them done due to time limitations. My 1st effort was 434 watts, 2nd 341 watts, and 3rd 331 watts. Since I didnt have enough time to do another 5 min interval I decided that I would attempt to get a new one minute max effort. Unfortunately as I was out of the saddle sprinting, I could feel my back wheel sliding. It felt like I was going to roll my tire off. I noticed that it was flat. So that ended that.

I did these in Central Park. The rolling terrain makes it hard to keep consistently high wattage output. I would have loved to do the others at the same spot in the park that requires the most power but then I would have needed a longer rest period while I rode back to the start point. Riding backwards against traffic in the park during this time of day is not a good idea. Its too busy with cars, runners, cyclists, etc.

Evening – I went to CF. Todays workout was 7 sets of 1 rep max weight Push Jerks. I did 175-185-200(failed)-200-210(failed)-210-185(failed). This was my first time doing Push Jerks for a 1 rep max. I wanted to get at least bodyweight. I accomplished that goal. I’m confident that I got close to my max. When I failed at the higher weights, I was destined to not let it defeat me. I made 2nd attempts on both and succeeded. I failed the 185 at the end because I was cooked. As they say, you’re only hitting your strength days hard when you can’t do anymore. After a little rest, me and Craig decided to do a few single Deadlifts. I think that we completed 5 sets of singles. We got up to 358 lbs but ended there. We were both pretty cooked. Keep it safe and quit while youre ahead.


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