May 9th

135lb Clean and Jerk, 30 reps

After a good warmup of the Samson stretch, pullups, pushups, situps, jump rope, and form Clean and Jerks with a med ball I was ready to go. I didnt want to dig a whole too deep for myself so I chose to go with a lighter weight of 95 lbs. Tomorrow is the CFE Running Seminar and its an all day thing. I’m also contemplating either getting in a bike workout or doing a race in the morning before the seminar.

I completed the workout in 2:23. Much faster than I anticipated. My Clean and Jerks have improved quite a bit. I definitely could have gone heavier. I will next time. After the workout, we did a cashout of 20 GI Janes which are burpee pullups. I finished those in 2:31. Alex played a video of some track racing with some workouts on the computer. After seeing that, we had a bright idea of doing seated box jumps. We did a bunch, working our way up to approx 45 inches. Seated box jumps will really get that sprint power up.


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