Strike a Pose


I’m mighty sore. So since I’m taking a recovery day I actually have time to write a report of my last workout. On Saturday, I attended an all day running workshop. It was pretty cool. It was run by CrossfitNYC. It was all about teaching proper running form. It was a great way to spend a day. We began with introductions, some classroom instruction and a Q&A session. Then we ran four 400m loops. That was videotaped. Afterwards we spent a few hours doing running drills and exercises. After breaking for lunch, we reviewed our running videos in slow motion to analyze our running form. In my mind I thought that I had fairly sound running form. This allowed me the opportunity to find out the real deal. It was great to be able to have it analyzed by an educated eye to determine how I could improve. No pressure here though, cuz I’m not a runner. I’m simply a supporter of my girlfriend’s running and thought that this would be a good activity to do together and a great opportunity to build my knowledge base of fitness information.

After the video analysis, it was time for some more drills to beat proper running form into our heads. We spent an hour or so, doing the drills. Now it was time to do some more runs to see if we were actually paying attention in class. There was tons of good stuff to learn we better have been paying attention. Plus this wasnt free so you gotta pay attention and get your money’s worth. Man, its strange how a little maturity changes one’s mindset. College was a shitload of money but I didnt have the exact same feeling then.

After the run, we watched the tape. Man, was I happy to see that I improved. We were rated on (3) criteria, Pose Time, Ground Time, Air Time. Pose Time was the amount of time spent in the Pose position. This is basically a body position in which the legs appear like a number ‘4’ as you have your legs cycling on and off the ground. Ground time was the amount of time spent on the ground. Air time was…I’m sure you get the picture.

My first run was Pose 3.5 frames, Ground 6, Air 3. Not so great. Based on the video, I have pretty good running form. Though the numbers show that I spend too much time on the ground. The intent is to spend the most time in the air. When youre in contact with the ground you move slower.

My second run was Pose 1 frame, Ground 4, Air 5. Yeahh baybee. Substantial improvement. My form looked great this time around. My numbers are even better too. I’ll be really nice if I could get the Ground time down a little, maybe to 2.5 or 3. Pose 1 frame, Ground 2.5, Air 5…damn thats almost floating. It’ll come, just need to practice. Since I’m not a regular runner this’ll hafta take place during the CF WODS.

After class, Dan Def, gave some of us pain gluttens a workout. It was called Dan Def’s Kettlebell Madness.
5 rounds of 10 swings, 10 left arm swings, 10 right arm swings, 10 left arm snatch, 10 right arm snatch, left arm clean & jerk, right arm clean & jerk all done with one kettlebell of your choice. I didnt want to kill myself since we had a long day of running and drills and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I wanted to make this more of a metabolic conditioning workout than a strength workout. With this in mind I chose a 12kg bell. After a warmup of 15 GI Janes, we began. I finished in 13:12. This was a good one. I was pouring with sweat.

I was done. On the way to the subway, I was draggin ass. I was beat up head to toe. I was feeling wednesday’s Push Jerk workout and deadlifts, friday’s Grace workout, today’s running and drills, GI Janes and kettlebell madness all at the same time. On my walk to the subway, I knew that I was doing a good job of lifting my feet during the runs and drills. My hams were cooked. Achilles too, too much pushing off on my first runs. As soon as I get hold of my running vids I’ll post them up for your viewing pleasure.

Until then check out some great running. Hard to believe that this was 13 years ago


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