1 minute Intervals

May 12th

Well today I intended on doing the 1 minute ladder workout on CFE. I didnt want to do it indoors and that workout is great for the trainer and horrible for crowded Central Park. It was a nice day so I wanted to get outside. I opted for 1 minute efforts up Harlem Hill. I would just do them consecutively using the cutoff in the road for recovery. I was shooting for 10 reps. After one warmup lap, I began.

Unfortunately I lost count. I completed just 8 reps. These things happen when youre hurting. I guess it didnt help that during my last 3 efforts I was trying my damnedest to keep my stomach…in my stomach. My lunch was really intent on relieving itself from the confines of my digestive system.

I alternated on the various efforts of doing them seated, standing, high cadence and lower cadence. Afterwards, I did another lap in the park to cool down. I ended up seeing some guys that I knew including Zoltan Tiska, who is currently the Hungarian National Champ in Cyclocross. Instead of the cool down that I was planning to do, I put in a 5 minute effort to bridge over to that group. The pain was worth it, just for training my pain threshold. By now my calves were starting to cramp up. There is still some residual fatigue from Saturday’s running workshop.

I chatted with those guys a little bit and then made my exit to ride home. Mission accomplished…almost. I still missed my last 2 intervals. My efforts were as follows:

1 – 583 watts, 177 bpm, 82 rpm
2 – 619 watts, 171 bpm, 93 rpm
3 – 530 watts, 172 bpm, 75 rpm
4 – 490 watts, 168 bpm, 91 rpm
5 – 545 watts, 171 bpm, 97 rpm
6 – 502 watts, 169 bpm, 86 rpm
7 – 588 watts, 166 bpm, 78 rpm
8 – 399 watts, 154 bpm, 71 rpm (had to dodge a squirrel on this one)


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