Quick 20 min Effort

May 13th

I was contemplating taking the day off today. Was a little tired at work. Tomorrow I will be doing a photo shoot. Photographer Robert Hooman wants to shoot pictures of me while working out on the trainer. I’ll be doing a tough workout. He wants me to suffer. I thought these would be enough reason for me to take the day off. But nope. Once I left the office and walked outside in the great spring air I knew I had to get out and ride. I opted for a quick 2 laps of Central Park with a 20 min effort thrown in. For the 20 min effort I averaged 344 watts, 168 bpm, 94 rpm. Not bad, plus it didnt hurt me much. Just to think, when I tested at 347 watts back in December my heart was 186 bpm. Thats a HUGE difference. Almost 20 bpm over roughly the same power output. Looks like my body is running quite a bit more efficient.


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